Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back in the Saddle again...

Wow.  July.  Yes, that was my last post.  I feel a little embarrassed/defeated/nostalgic, among many other words to describe how I feel about leaving my old blogging world behind.  A lot has changed since then.  In August we began the move to our new town.  Not so very far away from our old one (about an hour).  We are finally in a  house...say goodbye to apartments!  We moved much closer to my husbands work, which I have to say has improved our family life quite a bit.  We have a whole two extra hours a day with daddy!  On top of that we are right down the street from the beach, and oh, did I mention we had our second son?!

That's right.  One sweltering hot summer of love later with my first little man and an ever expanding belly and on November 3rd Luke Michael was born into this world.  Two boys, 23 months apart.  My life has been a blur.  It has been quite an adjustment, one that is still progressing slowly, or too quickly for that matter.  After a few months of adjusting to our new surroundings, and then this new life with two little ones, I am finally ready to enter back into the world of "I need some me time." 

I miss sharing my thoughts, day to day happenings, and all else that comes with being a mommy blogger.  I hope you will stay with me while I work myself back into the world.  I am sure I will not be able to post everyday like I used to.  At least until little man number 2 is sleeping for longer than 3 hour stretches at night!  I look forward to getting reacquainted with you all again and letting you into my little world! 

Friday, July 2, 2010

These sales are for the moms

I feel like everytime I post sales I post about children's gear.  Which is definitely because of the topics on my blog, but today I wanted to introduce you to some great sales going on for us moms!  Haute Look is having some major sales for the month of July with some insane savings!  This site is a must check out.  They have some great summer wear sales going on right now.  Here are a few to check out:

This Printed Dress from Lucca Couture is only 11 dollars! At 71 percent off!  This July blowout sale has tons of fabulous outfits similar to H & M style.
Judith Lieber Sunglasses are 82 percent off!  If you are looking for some high quality sunglasses that you would otherwise not be able to afford, now is the time to do it!

If you are looking for some throws or pillows for your bed or couch Thro Home by Marlo Lorenz is giving 60 percent off on some great interior decor.
Hope you can get some shopping in this Fourth of July weekend! But most of all, enjoy your time with the family!

On Gilt Groupe you will find some more great sales, here are some of my favorites:  Phillip Lim and Kokin

Scalloped Floppy hat 50% off

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Room planning: combining a library and a nursery

My family and I are approaching ANOTHER move. This time, with the expecting of another little boy, we will need a third bedroom. We are going to look at a place today that sounds very promising. This got us thinking of what we will do with the extra room. Of course, I had the idea of another nursery for the littl one while my husband expected a library/computer room.

With our first son we tried co sleeping and it just didn't work out. This kid snored so loud we couldn't fathom spending more than the first three weeks in the same room as him. We are hoping that this one is a little quieter and that we can have him sleep in our room for the first couple of months. I will be giving breastfeeding a good go and hope to make it a lot longer than I did with our son. I think co sleeping, or at least being in the same room with baby will help.

With this we could have our first son in his room, which will most likely end up having bunk beds in it for when the next one is ready to move on up to the big kids bed. The third room will most likely be a combination of a nursery and a library. We have so many great books that have been boxed up for the past year that we would like to put on display. We also need a place for the computer. I'd love to keep the crib in this room with the same sailboat theme that we had in our first son's room being that he will have the same bedding set. I think we can make this work. I'd like it to be a tranquil place with a great comfy chair, a huge bookshelf and the crib. Here are some ideas I have in mind.

bookshelfOur crib

For the computer

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Days: Then and Now

I am sure all of you mothers remember the days where it was just you, yourself, and maybe a hot fling (husband) on the beach during those summer days.  Sometimes it is even hard to remember these days.  Everyone told you of the ways that your life would change the second you had a child.  Who could have really believed how much, though?  One of the things that has really hit me this summer is the beach days.  We have a pool at our apartment complex and are surrounded by multiple beaches.  When the summer was approaching all I kept dreaming about were the days that my son and I would spend our days at the beach, or in the pool.  I would bring a book, an umbrella, snacks, and some toys for him to play with.  He would love this, and I would get the much needed sun and relaxation that I needed.  Sure enough, summer came.  We took our first trip to the pool...and then our first trip to the beach.  Sure we brough all of the things that I had planned but the day did not go exactly as planned.

Instead of reading, I was putting sun block on, over and over again...instead of sunning I was chasing after a crazy little boy who wanted to play ball with the college kids; instead of me staring blissfully into the water, I was staring blissfully at a little boy who wanted NOTHING to do with the beach that day.  He was much more interested in chasing the seagulls, or going to the park across the street.

I soon realized, this summer wasn't about was about him, just like everything else in life.  It's not that we can't go to the pool, or go to the beach.  It's just that it's under his rules, and that's okay.  Watching him chase the birds isn't so bad.  Instead of going to secluded beaches we go to ones that are surrounded with playgrounds and sprinklers, ones with shade and no waves.  When I look back I am pretty sure that I'd rather remember these days...I just hope I can remember that on the days that little man throws a tantrum the second I finishing unpacking all of our stuff on the sand.

Isabella Oliver 7 Day Sale

I will be posting another blog entry later on today when little man is napping, but I couldn't pass up posting this.  Isabella Oliver is doing a 7 day sale..unfortunately I missed the first day, but we still have 6 days left!  Starting yesterday sales on all items were 51 Percent off!  Each day, until Sunday, the sale will continue, but decreasing by 3 percent.  For instance, today it will be 48 percent off. 

Isabella Oliver is by far my favorite maternity store.  They also have non maternity wear.  Unfortunately I am too broke to afford her stuff...but this sale will help!

Here's the link:

Enjoy 48% off today in THE 7 DAY SPREE. The sooner you shop, the more you save. Just enter SPREE at the checkout before midnight Tuesday 22nd June to receive your discount.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Children's Sales around the Blogosphere

Here are some great finds I have found. I bought myself a Baby K'tan carrier for the new little one!  Can't wait to use it.  Happy Shopping!!

You have to be a member of these sights, but joining is free.  It's exclusive and the deals are amazing.

Baby K'tan

Gilt Groupe : bikes and trikes for your little one 50 percent off, Jaxxwear and Rock and Republic half off

Jaxxwear Organic Clothing, Half offRock and Republic Children's 50 percent off

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Look into the Waldorf Education

My playgroup has started to do some new playdates revolving around the Waldorf Education so I decided to look more into it.

This type of learning is based on the understanding that, a young infant will learn not through a formal educational process, but rather through just being, how to walk, how to talk, how to interact.  All of this learning takes place through imitation and watching those around him.  The Waldorf curriculum is based on this process.  The child learns through exploring  The arts, literature, music, and other subjects are not learned through a formal education but rather through experimenting with it.  Instead of reading books about specific artists, you listen to their music.  Instead of reading about nature, you go out and find it.  I think this is so very important, especially in the first few years of life.  The main purpose behind this way of teaching is to inspire a desire and love for learning in the child that will span through out their life.

The curriculum is different depending on the age range.  For young toddlers and preschool children the teaching may consist of:

•storytelling, puppetry, creative play

•singing, eurythmy (movement)

•games and finger plays

•painting, drawing and beeswax modeling

•baking and cooking, nature walks

•foreign language and circle time for festival and seasonal celebrations
A Waldorf Education does not hold a child back from fitting in with "normalized" society as some may think.  Although the schools are different in many respects, children are still learning to read, math, science, history, and writing.  In addition, these children are also exposed to playing instruments, woodworking, the arts, drama.  It inspires individual talents within each child.  The thing I like best is the interaction between the teacher and student.  One teacher may continue on with children all through their elementary years.
TV is something that is not appreciated in the Waldorf schools.  It is believed that such electronics hamper the imagination of the child to learn through experimentation and exploring.  That is why a lot of the toys used are all natural, or even just things that you can find in one's own home.
To find out more, visit:
I don't know if we would put my son into a full Waldorf school after first grade, but I would love to find one for preschool and kindergarden and see how it goes.  It seems like it is limited though in the state of Connecticut.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Truth About Cloth Diapering: Q & A

It has been a few weeks since we have started CD'ing exclusively, I have had to ask A LOT of questions and to find a lot of answers.  I also noticed from posting about our new experience we had some eyebrow, why not do a Q & A?  I am happy to say that as of now I am one hundred percent happy with the switch that we made.  I truly believe I am doing what is right, and loving it in the process.  It is even easier than I have anticipated and I would love to share some of my initial experiences.

First and Foremost:  Let's tackle the germ questions.  Won't there be germs and bacteria sitting around my house with cloth diapers?  Why wouldn't you just want to throw that stuff out?!

For starters, no matter how you look at it, when you change a stinky diaper, you will be exposed to poop.  Many wonder why anyone would ever want to leave it lingering around rather then just throwing it out with the trash.  Well, I think this was part of my husband's concern.  The smell especially.  First of all, poop isn't supposed to be thrown into the trash.  Even with disposables, law requires that you throw the poop down the toilet before discarding of the diaper.  No one does this, or no one I know for that matter.  If you have a diaper genie, or even just throw your diapers into the WILL have poop and urine sitting around.  it will smell, and it's going to be in your house.  With cloth you actually are forced to throw the poop down the toilet!  You flush, and voila.  It is literally gone.  This is actually a plus for me.  Sure, you will have to throw the dirty diaper in a pail, but the poop will not invade your house with odor.  I can honestly say, we haven't had one odor issue yet.  The pail we use, simply a garbage can with a lid, has kept any, if any, odors inside.  I have yet to be exposed to, or touch poop!

What's the point?  Weren't disposables working just fine?

Sure they were.  I wasn't struggling with them, it was simple.  The amount of garbage that was leaving our house on a daily basis was beginning to get to me.   We definitely have less now, and with the new baby coming...I could not fathom how much trash we would have to take out in a day.  On top of that, we have had a few diaper explosions in the past, and to see what is inside of those disposables, I began to think.

There are definite health risks with using disposables.  If you would like to read more about this, check out The truth about Cloth.  I was astonished to find out that an ingredient in cloth diapers is actually something that has been linked to toxic shock syndrome in tampons.  It's not okay for us, but it is okay for our children?  I don't think so.

Isn't it a pain in the butt to do so much extra laundry?

This was also a concern of mine.  Once I got our whole diaper stash though, I am only doing 2-3 extra loads a week. I really don't mind it.  It really is so simple.  I'll take you through the process.  I change a diaper, if it is a number two, it goes in the toilet, the insert comes out, and both the outer part of the diaper and the insert go into a diaper pail that we have with a liner.  Once diaper wash day comes around, I dump everything, including the liner, into the wash.  I do one cold rinse, then a hot wash, and possibly another rinse.  I then either throw everything into the dryer, or line dry.  I use pocket diapers, so when everything is dry, it takes about three minutes to stuff the diapers and then we are ready to go for 2-3 more days!  The water bill may be a little higher, but very very little..and in the long run the savings will be worth it.

I hope this has given you a little of an insight and that I can come back and answer more questions next time!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Come Experience Cloth Diapering with Me!

I'm glad to be back.  With this, I have some great things coming up!  I have a review which I hope to get going on Monday.  Also, in the past few weeks, we have been experiencing with cloth diapering...again.  We tried it once before when my son was 6 months.  I liked it, but it just wasn't the right time.  We tried again and I think we are ready!  Well, I at least think that I am ready.  My husband, I can tell is still a little hesitant.  He is eager to make me happy though so we are giving it a go!

My first order was from Jillian's Drawers.  I ordered some fuzzi bunz fitted, a duo thirsties cover, and two bum genius one size pocket diapers.  Although I loved the fitteds when my son was smaller...I tend to like the one size bum genius better this time around.  We are going to be sending the fb back.  Today I placed an order for some more bum genius with a great discount at Kelly's Closet where you buy 5 and get 1 free.  I also ordered 2 Knickernappies to give those a try.

So far, for me the hardest part has been the poopy diapers.  I haven't quite mastered it yet, although I am getting used to the idea.  At the moment we don't have any liners or a diaper sprayer so unfortunately I have been using the dunk and swish method.  This time around I ordered some liners to make it easier.  Otherwise I am truly impressed with how easy and convenient cloth is.  I am also very excited because the new little one will eventually be able to fit into the one size diapers, which means extra savings!

I hope to post once a week about different aspects of cloth diapering.  So, if you are interested in learning more, we'll see you soon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Under Construction**Stay Tuned

If you haven't blog has been "down".  I haven't been able to post in a week or two.  We have run into some technical difficulties with our computers around here...and being a stay at home mom I don't have the luxury of having another computer.  Everything seems to be up and running and I hope to be back in action this week!  I have a lot of stuff to catch up on!  If only I could get blogger to cooperate, I don't know what's going on with my page today.  I am hoping it's only a temporary problem! 

Can't wait to catch up with all of you soon!  I hope to have a great giveaway this week to celebrate my return!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

15 Weeks and Counting

How your baby's growing:

Your growing baby now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an apple). She's busy moving amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs begin to develop. Her legs are growing longer than her arms now, and she can move all of her joints and limbs. Although her eyelids are still fused shut, she can sense light. If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, for instance, she's likely to move away from the beam. There's not much for your baby to taste at this point, but she is forming taste buds. Finally, if you have an ultrasound this week, you may be able to find out whether your baby's a boy or a girl! (Don't be too disappointed if it remains a mystery, though. Nailing down your baby's sex depends on the clarity of the picture and on your baby's position. He or she may be modestly curled up or turned in such a way as to "hide the goods.")

I can't believe he/she looks like an actual baby finally!  Although I have yet to see an ultrasound.  One was scheduled today though, so excited!  June 7th.  We can't wait to find out what this little baby is.  I had feelings of a girl, but everytime I go to type I want to write he.  Everyone knows that boys run in my husband's family, so part of me is just expecting a boy.  I do really want a little girl one day but a little brother for Little Man would be great for him!  Either way, we can't wait to find out.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Stay at Home Thing

This stay at home thing is no joke sometimes.  Then again, I don't think it's ever a joke.  My husband has been out of town on business most of the week and will be gone all of next week.  I can't believe how much a half an hour of help at night actually helps.  I think a lot of it is that when my son wakes up at night I have someone that splits the duty.  We have an ongoing joke in this house that everyone needs "daddy" home to feel safe.  The thing is it's the truth!  Our dog, ever since he was a puppy has been a nervous mess everytime my husband isn't home.  It is almost like he thinks he needs to take care of everyone and can't relax.  Well, it's caught on, and now I feel exactly like that as well.  The difference is though is that I AM on duty when my husband isn't home at night.

Needless to say this momma is exhausted and craving a change of pace.  I have been a stay at home mom for 7 months straight now, and I am thinking about the future and when I will want to go back to work.  Not the best time to think about this when you have another on the way.  In the meantime I am seriously considering putting my 17 month old in some sort of nursery a few hours a few times a week.  I found this one program that we will be going to look at next week.  I am hoping to take on some work during these hours, per diem in law, to stay active in the field.  Do I feel like a failure of a mom?  Sure.  I actually sometimes feel like a failure as a person.  I couldn't manage the work full time mommy thing, and I am looking for a change after only 7 months of the stay at home mommy thing.  I am hoping to find a happy medium.

I'd love to hear your experiences!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Part IV...The Dreaded Bathrooms

So this is it, the last room.  After this you can feel reassured that you have hit the darkest and dirtiest corners of your home.

1. Start with the cabinets and drawers.  Clean them out.  You wouldn't believe how much junk builds up in these things over the months.  Throw out the garbage and organize the drawers.  I can't even tell you how many empty medicine containers I found...seriously!?  Yea it was probably all me.
2.Remove everything that you don't need on the counters.  Even the toothpaste, you can find a place for this.  Scrub down the counters and only keep your soap dispenser and anything that makes the bathroom look more attractive.
3. Clean the shower.  This includes washing your shower curtain, or if you want even replacing the liner, you can get really cheap ones at Ikea for about 3 bucks.  Scrub the walls, fixtures, the floor.  Throw out any old loofah's.  These things are bacteria magnets!
4.  Toilet time.  I hate this part, but do it up.  Don't forget to wear your gloves.  After you are done with the swiffer, either stick it in some antibacterial wash or toss it and buy a new one.  This thing is just so gross.
5. Vacuum and mop the floor.  When you are done with this, grab the magic eraser and go around the molding.  This really will brighten up the room when you are done.
6. Wash any carpets or towels in the room that are used for display. have a clean house.  Or in the least, a more organized one.  The other possibility is that your other rooms have already started gathering dust and you'll have to start all over again!  Well, at least the knitty gritty is done!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Certain Level of Comfort with Number Two (baby that is)

My family went to visit some friends this weekend who just had their first child.  She is a beautiful baby girl, but SO incredibly tiny.  When I first saw her I instantly thought that there was NO way that my son was ever that tiny.  Sure enough their weight and height wasn't that much apart.  How is it that we could forget so quickly how small these little creatures are?  Infancy isn't just a walk in the park, it is a beautiful time period for both parents and baby, but no one would say that it s easy.  You would think after the journey we would at least be left with a picture perfect memory of those little buggers.

Maybe though the reason that we forget so quickly is sort of like the reason that we forget about child birth.  It may just be mother nature's way of populating this earth.  I am finally in my second trimester and I finally feel ready (well not totally) about having this second baby.  I have been so paranoid about my son, who will be 22 months when the next one is born, hating his sibling and throwing a fit every time I am holding the baby.  So of course this was my concern when I held our friend's baby.  He was so good though!  He did have one incident where he tried snatching the baby like a stuffed toy, but other then that I don't really think he knew that it was actually another human being.  He is totally different when I pick up another toddler.  Holding that little baby reminded me of how much we wanted to have another child.  Of course it is going to be hard, but I just can't wait to hold our second baby and experience everything all over again.  It also got me thinking a lot about breastfeeding and how I am really hoping that it works out this time around.  I had a lot of struggles with my first and I really hope that I can push through this next time around.  I feel like I should be able to handle it all a little better being through the infant phase once before...but who knows, I don't want to hold myself up to such big standards because this could lead to disappointmen.  I do know one thing, I will give it my best effort!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is there a secret to where all the socks and pacifiers go?

Everyone is always talking about the sock bunny who must hang out in your dryer who mysteriously steals all of your socks.  It is so true.  I swear, I have two pairs of socks that I can keep track of and only because they are very brightly colored.  All my white socks, or smaller sized socks (my sons) have literally disappeared off the face of the Earth.  How come no one ever talks about the disappearing act that pacifiers play every once in a while.

We have a running joke in this house that at one point my husband had an obsession with keeping 4 pacis lined up on my son's crib at a time so that we would always know, hey, there's four pacis in the other room if we ever lose one.  Well, our son only uses his paci at night and for naps.  Needless to say somehow I, yes me, have lost all but one of his darling pacifiers.  I can't tell you how, or why.  All I can tell you is I have no clue where these things have gone.  We've searched high and low.  Thank God for his green pacifier though.  It's the only one that hasn't disappeared.  That is, until last night.  Luckily it didn't start until 5:30 this morning, but I knew something would up.  My son kept waking up, and at one point I knew I had to go in.  I found a very upset little boy.  It ends up daddy tried putting him back to sleep without his paci because it was gone.  Well, I tore apart that bed, the room, everything.  I couldn't find it!  At this point I knew my little boy wasn't going back to bed.  He was a mess.  This continued for a long time.  Poor little guy.

Well, we found the pacifier, thank you for that.  This just scares the heck out of me and what we can expect when we decide to get rid of it once and for all.  What's everyones opinion, should we do it before the new baby arrives in November or say, hey, who cares he likes it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Part III The Bedroom(s)

Ah, the bedroom, the beloved sanctuary of your home.  It definitely is my sanctuary it is where my husband and I throw all of our junk when we get company or we just can't stand the sight of dirty clothes.  Well, since the morning sickness kicked in our bedroom looks like it was hit by a hurricane.  Too bad I am so backed up on the rest of my spring cleaning that it might take another week before I can get to this room.  For you lovely ladies who are hopelessly devoted homemakers and are following along let's move on to the bedroom.

1.  Look around at all the dressers and get anything off of them that doesn't scream romance or relaxation.  A book you are reading can stay, perfume, jewelry, pictures of your husband and you, but get rid of the junk. You might also want to get rid of the pictures of your college friends.  I am guilty of this, but it is just so unromantic!
2. Get rid of the clutter, the paper and put everything in it's correct room.
3. Tackle one dresser at a time, dust everything.
4. Organize your drawers, get rid of anything (give to good will or consignment) anything that you haven't worn in over 6 months and don't plan on it.  This includes in your closet.
5. Pick up the things that don't belong on your closet floor and organize your clothes.
6. Sheets off the bed, wash, and don't forget even the comforter needs to be done once in a while!  Dry clean if necessary.
7. Wipe down the blinds and if you can remove the curtains give those a wash too.
8.  Dust lamps, antibacterial doors, windex windows and vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!

If you have more than one room follow the same step with all of these.

Next week we tackle the last room...the dirty bathroom!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blogmania 2010: We are participating!

Hello Ladies.  I have some very exciting news.  I am sure many of you have heard, but for those of you who haven't Blogmania 2010 is coming.  On April 30th, 2010 there is a great event going on hosted by Between the Pages. Here is a post about the event

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The best news is, Coffee Mugs and Sippy Cups will be taking part in this event. We will have some great giveaways and it should be a fantastic day!  Stay tuned for more on this event, and don't forget to mark your calendars!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cabana Life On Zulily! Up to 60 % off Infant and Toddler Swimwear

Founded by a melanoma survivor and mother, Cabana Life- Zulily represents a stylish approach to sun safety.  All outfits, swimwear, and even hats have sun protection.  The swimwear is just adorable, and I just purchased the sailor shirt for my son!  I can't wait to see it on him this summer.

Thought I would share on this lazy cold day in the North East...let's hope the summer comes soon!

New Jammies  is also having a sale on adorable jammies, if you need to stock up. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

**Update: Laken & Lila Etsy Shop Review and Giveaway (Skirt Giveaway added)

Inspiration comes from many different places.  When looking through some Etsy shops I came across a truly adorable shop that really inspired my creative side.  Once I saw some of the products made by Heather from Laken & Lila, I fell in love.  These outfits are just so cute and unique that I had to get in touch with the owner.  I was so happy to have received a response from Heather and a follow up to do a review of her products.

Heather's creative side started when she was very young, she remembers making little dolls that looked like snowman when she was only 6 or 7.  Like me she is a stay at home mom of a little boy.  She turned her passion for children and for the arts and made her hobby into a business, and thank God for that!

Laken & Lila is named after her son, Laken, and the hope for a girl one day...Lila. 

When I received a shirt from Laken & Lila I was very impressed with the quality of the product.  The shirt itself was made from a very soft cotton.  After looking at the seams that were sewn I was even more impressed.  I always worry about how the seams will rub against my son and f they will be uncomfortable.  I didn't have to worry about this with his new shirt.  The craftmanship is truly superb.  The shirt I received was a t shirt in size 18 months.  It fit perfect to size and when I washed and dried it I had no shrinking.  The felt stood up well to the wash. The shirt had a blue birdie on it, with a red "button" eye.  I received many compliments when my son wore it to our playgroup.  I had a little pulling at the top of the felt after the wash, but it was easy to smooth down and did not affect the look of the shirt.

In all honesty, I highly suggest a stop at Laken & Lila Etsy Shop.  Right now, if you become a fan of the shop's facebook fan page you can receive free shipping on your order and then you will receive a coupon for 20% off and free shipping on your future orders from Laken and Lila.  I really hope you can stop by, and even drop Heather a note!

In addition, Heather is offering one of our readers a skirt, under 21 dollars, of the winners choice!  Here are some rules to enter:

To enter, do the following and leave a comment for EACH, the winner will be announced on April 29th, Noon. Good luck!

1. Visit Laken and Lila and tell me what skirt would you pick if you won? First Entry- mandatory

2. Become a public follower of my blog. 1 extra entry

3. Blog or Tweet about this giveaway and post the URL 2 entries
4. Follow me on Twitter 1 entry

5. Follow Laken and Lila on Facebook 1 entry

6. Add me to your blogroll 1 entry.

7. Visit one of my sponsors in the side bar. 1 Entry.
8. Name one other item from Laken and Lila that you like. 1 entry

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Part II: Dining and Living Rooms

I hope that many of you were able to conquer your kitchens last week.  I have made some good progress, but am still working on that toaster oven!  I just haven't been able to bring myself to it.  I will probably have to finish that today before moving on.

This week we are going to work on the dining and living rooms.  The dining room, so sacred and rarely used should not be so hard (unless you are like us) we have a dining table when you first walk you got it, everythig piles up on that table.  The living room is another matter.  This is the place where family gathers, children play.  Let's get to work.

Living Room
-First off, get a box, or a bag and gather everything that doesn't belong in this room and get it out!  Don't start anything else until this stuff is out and in the appropriate rooms.
-Once you've got that taken care of slowly move around the room working on the tables, any tv stands and remove everything.  Start dusting!  Isn't it fun?!  Once you've dusted a tabletop or a shelf put it back together in an organized fashion.  Once you've moved all around the room you should have a very pretty and less chaotic space.
-Move those couches and vacuum.  You are also going to want to move the cushions if they are removable.  Vacuum under the couches, under the cushions and throw those cushions in the wash.  If you have kids you know the spots that can build up over the course of a year.. When vacuuming be sure to get the corners of the room too.
-Dust the ceilings, especially in the corners
-Magic Erase the spots on the walls if you have white walls!  It really does wonders.
-Wash those windows, indoors and out.  If you have blinds, dust over those as well!
-Why not add a touch of spring to the room, bring in a bright colored will really brighten up the room.

Dining Room
-If you are like us you have a beautiful hutch that you probably only get around to dutsing after you have a dinner party and remove all the wonderful plates.  Well, get to it.  Remove all the glasses and plates, give them a brief dusting and then wipe down the shelves and windex the windows.  White vinegar will also do the trick and give that smell of clean.  Dust the top, the inside shelves and then move on.
-Remove anything that is sitting on that table (more for me than anyone else).  Change the table linen or give the table a nice dusting.  Vacuum the cushions on the chairs or wipe those down as well.
-If you have drawers that are loaded with stuff, sort through and see what you can do without.
-dust those lights.
-Vacuum and get to the floors.

Once I finish the kitchen, and these three rooms I will be super psyched because these are the first three rooms you see when entering my home.  It will be a relief. Dreaming of it is only half the battle =(

Good Luck Everyone!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Whew! I'm back, and thanks for sticking with me!

Ladies, I am so sorry for the week gone, without any notice.  What can I say, it's been a crazy couple of weeks.  I am still adjusting to this pregnancy and my little man is running me ragged.  My days consist of at least 10 hours of sleep at night and another 1-2 hours of napping during the day, and I am barely getting by!  I don't ever remember being this tired with my first!  Probably because I didn't have him to chace around.  I think when I was pregnant with him I spent the majority of my days surfing the internet and indulging in daytime television.

With my first pregnancy I finished my first trimester strong, just graduating law school, on a move to a different state...I had big plans in mind.  I was going to find a job, be a professional and await my little one.  Well, plans didn't pan out.  I couldn't even study for the bar exam while battling horrible depression and anxiety once I hit my fourth month.  I ended up putting the bar exam on hold and fighting my own battle at home.  I couldn't find a job which only made it worse, because I was my own worst enemy.  I stayed home patiently, or not so patiently, awaiting my husband's return.  I could barely get myself off the couch to clean.  Thank God for the family that I had to get me through those rough few months.  I wouldn't have wished them on anyone.  That is why, even though I have nausea, fatigue and a crazy one year old...I am so grateful for my life right now.  I am happy and trying my best to focus on the present.  I've got my cup of coffee for the first time in a month, and I'm feeling good.

I am getting back on my feet and am hoping to have a good week!  With that, I have a few plans for the week.  You can come back tomorrow to check out part II to our Spring Cleaning Guide, and then later in the week I have a great review, and possibly a giveaway to go along with it.  Stay Tuned, and have a great week! 

Thanks for sticking around!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Follow and Week in Review

Happy Friday!  This weekend couldn't have come soon enough.  My hubby has been working the longest hours he ever has, and I have been feeling the sickest I ever have (morning sickness, blah).  It's supposed to be beautiful out this weekend and I can't wait to give little man his Easter Basket!!

I hope for those of you that celebrate Easter, you have an amazing one!

Here are some posts from this week, and don't forget to check out our Review/Giveaway!

Pastina, Egg, and Veggie Recipe

toddler/infant sales around the web

Spring Cleaning: Room One

Baby Booty Giveaway: C Bino

Let me leave you with this parting gift:  my son and the Easter bunny

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pastina, Egg, and Veggie Recipe

This recipe is courtesty of one of my good friends and her mother.  We were on a play date yesterday and were told about this great recipe.  My son wasn't that big of a fan because anything that requires the use of a spoon and him succumbing to being fed by his mom is a no no.  But both of the other children there loved it. It is very nutritious and I really really wished I could get my little guy to like it.  I will keep trying!

1. Bring water to a boil and cook pastina according to box directions. You can use tubitini or any other pasta really for that matter.  Come to think of it, maybe little man will eat it if he can pick up the pasta!
2. Drain the pasta.
3. Scramble an egg or two depending on how much pasta you are using.
4. cook over low heat with the pastina to cook the egg.
5. Add your cooked veggies.  Mixed Vegetables would work great.
6. Here's my touch, parmesan cheese...what kid doesn't love it.

You are getting grains, protein, and veggies.  All around healthy meal.

Hope you are more successful then me!  Thanks Stef for the recipe!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Room One- the center of the family

You know, every other year I have LOVED spring cleaning.  But I honestly have to say, I feel like I just don't have the energy.  I am sure a lot of you are with me.  Either way, I really do feel that it's something that has to be done.  Because no matter how much we stay up on our housework (or not) there will still always be things that we neglect doing.

I am hoping that I can provide a plan that you guys can follow at your own pace.  I'd like to, for the next few weeks, post one room a week.  You can either take care of that room in one day, or like I will, focus on that room for the whole week...doing it little by little.    I know that sometimes I am in the mood to just keep going, and others I want nothing to do with a broom!
So, stay tuned every Monday for a new room, but for today...

Let's start with the kitchen:

organize cabinets

:make sure to throw out any old food that you haven't use in about 6 months, and that you honestly have no intention of using any time soon. Donate it! There are plenty of people who would appreciate this tremendously.

-be sure to put whatever you use most towards the front of the cabinet, and everything that you do not use too much towards the back.

- put like things together, it will make it look better and also help with organization.

-don't forget,before putting everything back in the cabinets you are going to want to wipe down the cabinets.


-This was my least favorite. It's likely that you have at some point in the past year had some old food sitting around...therefore you will be left with a smelly gross refrigerator. Now is a good time to empty the whole thing, scrub down the shelving and the drawers and only put in the fresh food. Also, put a box of baking soda in there if you don't already. For this I used baking soda and White vinegar, your food is going to be in this place so you don't want to use anything too harsh

-Go in the freezer and take out anything that you don't think you will defrost.

Toaster Oven and appliances

-This is one of the hardest things to clean! But once it's finished put some aluminum foil under the rack to catch any future crumbs.

-wipe down the microwave

-Use a mixture of white vinegar and water to clean the coffee pot, run a cycle with this and then do about 2-3 follow up cycles with just plain water.


-I LOVE Mr. Clean white sponges, I used them to go around the base of the kitchen )if you have white base boards) and cleaned up. They are sparkling! We usually forget this spot in the kitchen, but it definitely makes the floor and walls look better. If you have white walls, touching up with this is great.

-Next, really scrub the floor, use cleaning supplies if you usually only use water.


-Wipe these down, both inside and out.

Why not sanitize that gross garbage can, ugh, yeah who wants to do that? But you'll thank yourself later, we don't realize how smelly this can actually get.

finally, clean the sink and counters...baking soda and white vinegar will do the job.

Next, we'll focus on the living areas and dining room.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter's around the corner, Reflections

With Easter around the corner it's a great time to feel blessed by all that we have in this life.  I have had a pretty rough week, probably just because my level of exhaustion and my husband's insane work levels.  I have been feeling a bit of resentment lately, but that got me thinking.  Well, he got me usual.

I am a 26 year old stay at home mom.  I am feeling a little depressed because I am used to the craziness of law school, the activities that follow and the thoughts of what is to come.  After leaving my most recent part time attorney job (for reasons which we will not speak of here =) ) I almost feel like I am stuck in a rut.  What am I doing?  How am I supposed to do this with two?  Do I want more out of my life.

The truth is, most of us probably think this at one time or another.  I would probably be going through the same thought process if I was working a full time job, coming home to see my son for about 10 minutes before he goes to sleep.  In fact, that is exactly what I was thinking just about 8 months ago.  My husband sat down with me this week telling me how much he misses being able to see our son during the week and what a toll this has been taking on him.  Everytime I complain about how tired I am, or how the week is just dragging and dragging, I am reminded of what others would do to be able to spend their days with their children.  I get to watch my son grow, play, imagine.  He is growing so much every day.  Sure, there are times where I would love just to be in court in a high powered suit, sipping a coffee, preparing for a case.  But sometimes it is best to take a step back and take a look at what we think really matters in life.  Our Blessings.  I will be looking a lot into this in the next couple of weeks, taking a chance to regroup, and I hope that you will all do the same with me.

So, when you are feeling down, just take a second to think of all that we actually have, not what we are missing, or the things that are going wrong in our everyday lives.  Sure it is hard, but in the end those are the things that pick us back up.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

**Updated** Adorable Baby Felt Booty Review and Giveaway from C Bino at Etsy!

I had the pleasure of receiving an adorable pair of little girl Mary Jane baby booties from C Bino's Etsy Shop to review.  Shop owner, Christy Binoniemi, is a self taught artist.  In addition to her adorable booties, her current works include acrylic paintings, Secular Saint pendants, and a line of handbags made from recycled kimono, obis, and neckties.
Although I don't currently have a daughter, I can definitely appreciate great craftmanship.  When I received this package I couldn't help but give a big, "Awwww" when laying eyes on these booties.  I think you would have to agree once you see the picture.  The picture doesn't do these shoes justice.

The Mary Jane Booties come with two cards attached with a safety pin.  One states, "I am delicate, Hand wash me in cold water with a mild detergent or consult your dry cleaner."  I completely understand why it says this, and if you are lucky enough to purchase these booties, you will too understand.  You can tell that a lot of care was put into making these booties.  The detail is beautiful and you wouldn't want to mess up one thing by washing them the wrong way.

My favorite part about these botties is the flower applique and the flower button that is actually a snap to make it easier to get on and off of your little one.  I think any little girl would look priceless in these booties.  So, if you get the chance, I highly recommend stopping over at Christy's Etsy Shop.  She can also be reached at  Also, Christy has a blog: 

Here are some other products available right now.

I am very excited to say that C Bino will be giving away a pair of Mary Jane Felt Booties from her site to one lucky reader!  Here are some rules to enter:
To enter, do the following and leave a comment for EACH, the winner will be announced on April 9th, Noon.  Good luck!

1. What would you pick if you won? First Entry- mandatory

2. Become a public follower of my blog. 1 extra entry

3. Blog or Tweet about this giveaway and post the URL 2 entries

4. Follow me on Twitter 1 entry

5. Click to vote for us at Top Baby Blogs 1 for each time you click, up to 3

6. Add me to your blogroll 1 entry.

7. Visit one of my sponsors in the side bar. 1 Entry.

8. Name one other item from C Bino that you like.  1 entry

Monday, March 22, 2010

Food Nation: Changing the way we raise our children

I hope some of you were able to tune into the Food Nation sneak preview last night, I was totally drawn in, and glad about it.  It is a new show about a man who helped reform the British school systems menu coming over to America to help change what our children are eating.  First stop: Huntington, West Virgina.  In 2008 statistics were published naimg Huntington the most obese city, in the most obese state, in unfortunately, the most obese country.

I was truly disturbed viewing the first few minutes of the show.  To see what is being fed to our children in schools.  It looked like complete greasy, fried, carb overload.  Pizza for breakfast, chicken nuggets for lunch?  This was a little too much for me, I am happy that my son is not old enough to be in school and it got me thinking that unless some huge changes are made, my son will be bringing his bagged lunch to school.  Don't get me wrong, I know not all schools are like this, and many have made great strides.  I am glad that someone is taking initiative, and I think this show will help families actually think about what they are sending their children to school to eat.  We expect that our children are getting a good education and are not being harmed by the food they eat.  What a child eats is the basis for what they will eat the rest of their life.  We are their parents, their elders, we have to teach them.

This got me thinking, I'd really love to add a healthy recipe a week for toddlers/children.  We all know how hard it is to come up with different things that our children like.  Hey, they might not like it all...but at least we are showing them what good food is and not exposing them to all the processed junk!

So for this week, here's a great recipe that my son loves.

Avocado, grilled cheese sandwhich

It's simple.  In a toaster, toast whole wheat bread with avocado spread on one side and a slice of any cheese (preferably organic) on the other side.  You can also add a tomato, or even some chicken.  You can cut it into different shapes, or little pieces for your little one.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Everyone knows what a pain it is trying to keep shoes on your little girl or boy, especially when they are so tiny.  I remember getting a cute box of Trumpette Baby socks at my baby shower for my son.  They looked just like sneakers, but instead, they were well made socks that looked just as adorable as little baby shoes.

I've been in love ever since, and although my son has outgrown his, I found a great sale at Gilt where you can get some of the new designs for a steal.  They have the cutest little Minnie Mouse socks that look exactly like the shoes that Minnie wears for 13 bucks!  There is also "chick" baby socks that are placed in an egg container to give as a gift...would be too cute for Easter. 

If you are interested here's the link.

Gilt/Trumpette Baby Socks

Friday, March 19, 2010

Week in Review and What's to Come

Well, it's been a slower week over here, but we did have some exciting news.

Be sure to check out some of our nap woes that are going on around these parts

Beginning of a New Era

And for those who missed it, check out our big news:

Exciting News

Next week we have some great stuff going on.  We have a great revieew and giveaway.  The review is an adorable Etsy shop specializing in baby booties, and Mary Janes.  I also think you will love the giveaway, every mom can use a chic diaper bag, right?

It's also Spring Time so let's start some Spring Cleaning!!  Is it sad that this is one of my favorite times of the year?  I have a great plan that will get your house in working order in no time.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long Time No See...Some News to Share

Well, well,'s be a while since I've seen you here.  By you, I mean myself.  I have been super distant from just about everything I feel.  These last few weeks have been a whirlwind and I haven't had much time to dedicate to my blog.  I am sorry for this, as I keep meaning to get on and write something but the truth is, I just haven't had much energy at the end of the day...or the beginning for that matter.

The real truth is, I'm pregnant!  Number two is one his/her way.  We found out just about a month ago.  We wanted to keep the news quiet until all of our family knew, and the deed has finally been done.  It was a slow process, but both my parents and both of my husband's parents know, and our combined five siblings have been updated!  The response was as expected.  A little startled, but in the end excited.  Our son is currently 15 months old and will be 22 months when our next is born.  I've been very overwhelmed to say the least!  We were planning, so not exactly worried on that front, but no matter if you are a first or second time mom....the feeling is the same...pure questions.  Will I be able to take care of two?  Will I be able to give as much attention to my first, will he be jealous?  Will I love the second as much.  The list goes on.  One thing I do know though is how happy and anxious I am.

With our little guy I had morning sickness from about 6 weeks on.  Every single day.  I think there was a 3 week period where I felt good, that was short lived. So far I have felt the pregnancy nausea pretty much every day since week 5, but the morning sickness has stayed at bay!  Praying that continues.  The fatigue is definitely the worst this time around.  Most likely because I am chasing around a very over eager 15 month old who has no idea there is a little person growing inside me.

There will be much to tell over the next couple of months, and I hope you bare with me while I can figure out a way to balance out everything in my life right now. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Beginning of a New Era

The days are numbered.  You wake up with your lovely son, grab some breakfast, cuddle for a little bit, read a few books and eventually your son goes down for his first nap.  It could last anywhere from 1-2 hours, but you knew it was coming.  It would give you just enough time to have that coffee, read up on some blogs, the news, maybe even catch a dvr'd show.  Then, he wakes up and you get out and start your day, no earlier than 11 am.  You can meet up with some friends, go to a class.  But you inevitably will have to run home to get him his much needed second nap.  Another 1-2 hours where you will be sure and try your hardest to clean up around the house, get some chores and work done, but really, who am I kidding...I basically took this time for myself.

That was then.  Now, the days are numbered, we go from 2 naps to a few days here and there when my son wants no nap after the hour of 11 am.  that leaves me at least 7 HOURS!  I would love some insight from those of you who can keep your toddler engaged for 7 hours without going crazy.  Sure, we try to get out at least once a day...but the longer periods of activity are leaving me exhausted and at a lack for things to do.  It is really like running a marathon.  I am wondering if it just takes some time to adjust, or if I will always feel like this.  I need to read up on some books, because I know for sure putting little man down for one nap at 10 and having him wake that early for the rest of the day doesn't seem to be helping with hs tantrums.  ahh, the joys of parenting.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

For my pregnant mamas: Some great Sales

Today, I was a working mama and had to go do my side job (attorney).  I hope you will forgive me for not posting anything substantial today.  I need a break!  But I found these for you instead =)

So, for those of you expecting, I thought you might like these two sales on Zulily: Imps&Elfs and Moody Mamas.  Two great designers: one a designer of lovely fashions for the expecting mother, and the other cute little outfits for your new little one.  The sayings are just too adorable!  Here are some of my favorites. 

"Mother's Finest"

New Friend, How cute!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday: My Colonial Home

My family still lives in an apartment, I don't mind this so much because I want to be sure that we have allll of our finances in order before we make that investment in a home.  That aside, I can't wait to settle in a quaint little town, hopefully on the shoreline of Connecticut.  My greatest hope is that it can be a town that I will live in for the rest of my life.  For some this is a scary thought, but for me it is something that I always have wanted.  I want a town with a great school system, down town shops...almost like a little village.

I have always adored old town houses, either Colonial or Federal style.  And I hope that in the near future I can be moving intoa house that looks a little something like this...

I can dream a little.
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