Sunday, February 28, 2010

Momzee's Maternity Sale on Haute Look 70 Percent off

I liked Momzee Maternity Designs because they have maternity wear that looks like it could be worn when not pregnant as well.  The designs are feminine and chic, and perfect for the upcoming season.  Here are some of my picks.  Check it out soon because the sales are 70 percent off and are selling out quickly.

Bermuda Shorts

Dark Wash Jeans

Getting to Know You Coffee Mug and Sippy Cup Style

I found this great linkup over at Mannland5 that does a "Getting to Know You," where you answer the questions posted and then link up so that others can check you, your answers, and your blog out.  I thought it was a cute idea, and since there are so many new readers from Friday Follow, why not?  So stop by and check it out!

The questions..

1. Would you rather bungee jump or sky dive?  Wow, neither of these sound like something I would like to do.  I am not the biggest fan of heights.  But since this is a would you rather post I am going to have to go with sky diving.  At least with sky diving you don't have to jump trustingly into the world and then be bounced around again.  I'd rather just do it once and get it over with.

2. When using a public restroom to you squat over the seat or sit?  DEFINITELY squat.  Public restrooms creep me out, I don't want to know who has been on that seat, or think about what they were doing.  I usually don't even like putting the germ protector seat on, I just don't want to touch the seat...period.

3. Favorite flower?  Peonies.  I just think they are so amazingly beautiful.  I had white peonies for my wedding and I was in love.  Unfortunately, they don't last very long and I couldn't keep the like I could have roses.

4. Pedicure or manicure?  Manicure, they're cheaper, more people will see them, I will see it more often, and I am constantly messing with my fingers.  The only way to stop from biting my nails is if I just got a manicure.

5. How many siblings do you have?  I have An older sister, two older brothers, and a younger brother.  I love having a big family
6. Do you pee in the shower? (gasp!)  Have I?  yes.  Do I often?  No. hehe 

7. Bikini, tankini, or one piece?  Bikini all the way, I want to rock one of these as much as I can while I still feel young and beautiful.
8. Where do you hate to shop at, but go there anyway?  The food store!  I hate it because people move sooo slow!  When you have a one year old who is hanging over the basket trying to grab every item in the cart, you want to get the heck out of there as fast as you can!
Hope you all enjoyed this!  Also, stay tuned within the next few hours for my new updated template.  I have been procrastinating on putting up a new one for a while.  I wanted something more unique then a generic blogger template.  I couldn't find something that was completely what I wanted but I did fall in love with this one.  The girl blogger reminds me of myself.  I love pink, I have brown hair (wish I had green eyes) and think it portrays a lot of what I want this blog to be.  I hope to eventually add a few personal touches, but I am anxious to see the reaction!  Have a great start to the week.  I have a review on D Mo Designs which is a great designer that specializes in clothing for your little man. 
Take care!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

100 Followers Celebration and Eight Baby Legs Giveaway

You have got to love Friday Follow!  It's been almost two months since I have started this blog and I am thrilled to have so many followers!  I hope that I have kept you all entertained and that I can continue to do so.  In celebration of reaching the 100 follower mark I will be fixing up my main page and making it a little more unique, hopefully within the next week!  My husband has promised to help me with this and you better believe I am going to hold him to it!

In other news, I have decided to extend my giveaways to at least two weeks,  so I am extending the deadline of the Eight Baby Legs Giveaway until March 6th at Noon.  I hope you can check this giveaway out and give some love to my sponsor, she's got an adorable shop on Etsy and I think your little guy or gal would look adorable in a little applique shirt!

So, thank you again to my followers and I hope to have an exciting week of posts!  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mom's Need a Time Out Too!

Whether you are a Stay at Home Mom or a Working Mom we all need a little "time out."  Between changing diapers, running errands, cleaning the house, and all the other "activities"  we are seldom left with any time to ourselves.  By the end of the day we sit back and say, "where did MY day go, where did MY time go?"  We try our hardest to sneak in a few extra minutes, clinging to this day.  All to find that we are too tired to actually enjoy it.  Sure, we enjoy the time spent with our children, but who are we kidding?  We need a break! 

Over at Theta Mom Heather is celebrating her time.  On the last Thursday of the month Heather posts about one hour that she spent alone without her children.  This month she had a great date night for her birthday!  The post isn't just about her though, it's about you too.  It is about giving  yourself a time out, a time to reflect on life and enjoy being just  you!  So how did you spend your hour?

My husband was nice enough to take care of our son this Saturday so that I could take a trip to Barnes and Nobles.  I love just being able to sit back, grab a cup of coffee, a few magazines and just sit back and relax.  I think I actually stayed there for about two hours. It was amazing to know that everything was taken care of and that I had that time for just me.  When I came home, everything felt more relaxed...rejuvenated.  I am so glad I did it, and I might even try to sneak out and do it again this weekend =)

Hope  you got to enjoy some of your own time...if not, be sure to make some for yourself. 

Last, but not least, here's a story to remind you why sometimes we just all need time to ourselves, and a good laugh!

This past week my son has had the worst diaper rash I have ever seen.  He isn't one that is used to getting these, I think he has one other one since birth.  My husband had decided to fill him up on canteloupe the other day.  Sure, three pieces may have been fine, but not the amount that was devoured by my son.  Not only that day, but the day after, and the day after that.  I had a feeling things might go wrong, but not this wrong!  My poor little boy was having trouble even sitting this week.  I felt like a horrible mother and a masochist everytime I gave him a diaper change.  Well, you know what they say, let the boy go naked a little here and there it's sure to do the trick.  The past few days that is what I have been doing after baths.  It has done wonders.  I decided I would do it one last time tonight; the rash is almost gone and one more day should do it.

My husband got home early today so when he heard this was my plan (he doesn't know I've done it the past three days) he freaked, that this could NOT be good and that should anything happened...I'd be picking it up.  Well, wouldn't you know it, the worst happened.  I am getting my son ready for bed when I hear laughing, I turn to see my son trying to pee in the toilet (he's way too short) and landing directly on the carpet!  Not so bad, right?  Well, the little joker is laughing so hard that he proceeds to also go out the other end (pardon the grossness).  You have me screaming, him laughing.  My husband comes running and quicly realizes what is going on.  Little does he know that instead of staring he should get my son before he tracks this stuff through our house!  Needless to say, it was an adventure.  I laugh now, but wow, that's all I can say.  Hope your night went better than mine!

It's Where the Heart Is...

I am a Jersey Girl, born and raised.  All the stereo types may not be true (for me at least) but I do love New Jersey. The board walk, zeppoles,  the Garden State Parkway, and endless shoppin.  gAlthough, the last time I took a drive through NJ I almost had a panic attack because of the drivers...ok, I finally agree, they are crazy!  I used to be too...but I have to admit I have gotten better since my son was born, I am more like an old women now, you just wish I'd get out of your way.  I Digress.  I never thought that I could leave New Jersey.  When I graduated college my husband and I were dating and had decided that whereever I got into law school we would be moving.  I applied to two law schools in New Jersey and didn't get into either.  I think I almost died right there.  We were left with either Florida or Rhode Island.  I had never lived more then 30 minutes from home, so it was clear we'd be moving to Rhode Island.

It took a LONG time for me to get used to living this far from hom.  Not one year, not two years, but possibly three years.  It wasn't until I hit 6 months into my pregnancy, after we had left Rhode Island and moved to Connecticut that I finally felt comfortable being out of New Jersey.  Until then I had missed having the safety and security of knowing that my friends and family were a stone throw away.  I had a preconceived notion that if I were in my precious home state things would be different, I would be getting out more, I would be more "myself."  6 months pregnant and my mom had moved out of state, I still hadn't had many of our friends visit us, we were always the ones traveling, and it finally hit me that THIS was my home.  I was having a baby.  He would be my life.  And how true it is.

Now I sit here not knowing where my husband's job may take us next and I am okay with that.  Of course I have grown to love Connecticut and pray everyday my husband will get a full time offer, but you know what?  It won't be that bad.  I have dreams that if I do have to move, my dad and mom will eventually be there...or I will dangle their grandchildren in front of them until they give in.  But we will survive.

There will always be a part of my heart that lives in NJ though...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One Day Left: 50 % off Elephantito Baby Wear

One day left on some of these adorable outfits from the designer Elephatito at Haute Look.  Check out this sale and many others!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New Standard in Car Seat Recommendations

Your child is 11 months old and weighing in at 20 lbs.  One more month to go before you can turn his beloved car seat around!  You've been waiting for months.  You little one is just getting so sick of not being able to look out the front window and see his mama driving and you just honestly want a peaceful ride.  But, wait.  You overhear some other mothers discussing keeping their child rear facing way after their first birthday and you think, "why in God's name?"  I know that's what I first thought, but then I did the research.

Unfortunately, when I began to scour the internet for safety issues and reasons for keeping a toddler rear facing I was faced with a harsh reality.  There have been way too many accidents that could have been prevented if the car seat was never turned forward.  Unfortunately, it took one too many of these videos for me to finally get the point.  I won't post any videos because I don't think I can bare to watch another grieving parent or grandparent, but I can post some words from knowledgeable doctors hoping to help you understand.

There is evidence behind this new standard and I think a Daily Mail article said it best. "Unlike forward-facing seats, rear-facing ones keep the head, neck and spine fully aligned so the crash forces are distributed over all of these body areas, say the doctors." Read more:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Eight Baby Legs Giveaway Starts Today!

I am super excited to introduce a great Etsy seller this week. 

Eight Baby Legs Shop

Amanda from Eight Baby Legs is a stay at home mama of a two year old little guy.  She originally started eightbabylegs when she was inspired to make something cool and unique for her son that she wasn't able to find anywhere else  It's her passion to make unique and modern clothes for little ones, especially the little guys who don't have as many clothing options.

Amanda has been gracious enough to sponsor a giveaway!  She is offering one winner a choice of any "ready to ship" item in her store.  If there is nothing in your child's size she will come up with something for you! 

Please take this opportunity to visit her site, say hello...and enter this great giveaway!  It will end this Saturday at noon!  Good Luck!

To enter, do the following and leave a comment for EACH

1. What would you pick if you won and who would you give it to? First Entry
2. Become a public follower of my blog. 1 extra entry
3. Blog or Tweet about this giveaway and post the URL 2 entries
4. Follow me on Twitter 1 entry
5. Click to vote for us at Top Baby Blogs 1 for each time you click, up to 3
6. Add me to your blogroll 1 entry.
7. Visit one of my sponsors in the side bar. 1 Entry.

Hope you are as excited as I am!

This Week...

Here's some of the things I have lined up for this week:

*Eight Baby Legs'll have to stay tuned to see what I'm talking about =)
* Car Seat Safety:  Is there a new standard?
*Everyone knows something about tantrums
*And of course, Friday Follow!  If only today were Friday

Have a great week everyone!  Hope you all had time to relax and recoup!

My First Bloggy Award!

I am so incredibly ecstatic to receive my first award as a blogger.  Nic from Confessions of a Domestically Challenged Housewife has given me the "Beautiful Blogger Award."  I could not thank her enough!  I am so incredibly touched to know that other's are enjoying my writing as much as I enjoy doing it.  We all usually start blogging for ourselves, or to share a common message and it is so amazing when you know that your message is at least reaching a few!  So thank you again!

Once you are given this award you then must pick 15 of your favorite bloggers and share their blogs with your readers.  This was a hard one.  In the past few months I have found so many wonderful blogs.  So, without further ado, here they are:


So. here are the rules to receiving the Beautiful Blogger award:

1. Thank the person(s) that nominated you; link to the person that gave you the award!

2. Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you’ve discovered and think are fantastic.

3. Contact said Blogs; let them know they've won!

4. State 7 things about yourself

So last but not least, here's 7 things about me:

1) Before going to college I finished my last days of high school thinking that it was my last day ever stepping foot in a class room.  I was going to be a dancer.  I grew up doing lyrical, jazz, hip hop, and ballet.  I got accepted into programs and was praying that my parents would let me go...welll I wasn't allowed to major in dance, I had to get a "real" education.  So this "real" education was in criminal justice and psychology.  I still danced through college in NYC but now it is really just a hobby which does sadden me at times.  I then went to law, not quite the last day of class that I pictured.
2) I love animals.  I made a contract with my mother when I was little that when I was older I would get a pig, cat, dog, bird, hamster, and a horse.  Well, I kind of have broken this contract.  I have so far had a dog, cat, bird, and hamster.  The other two...well, not so much.  I would love a horse one day though!
3) I want four children.  I used to want three until my husband suggested four.  I think big families are great.  I have four siblings and I love having a big family.  I believe that in the end, families are what matter the most, so...why not?
4) I am beyond addicted to coffee.  I never understood why people drank coffee so much until I had my first real cup in college.  I say real because, I was tired, I needed to go to an 8 am class and did the trick.  It was amazing and I have been hooked ever since.  I still don't get decaf though.
5) I am an obsessive shopper.  I love looking at clothing stores online, in store, anywhere I can.  If I had more money I'd probably use it!  Thank God I am also responsible and look at everything I have in my cart before I check out and decide that none of it is practical...because for sure, I would bankrupt our family.  I save my shopping for a few times a year when we can splurge a little, and for this my husband is grateful.
6)  I believe you always have to have something to look forward to.  It makes those rough days so much easier.  I haven't been on vacation in WAY too long but for now I keep little things to look forward to like seeing friends or a wedding invite!
7)  I am sort of a recluse.  I love seeing friends,  bringing Nick out to classes, traveling and such but the majority of the time I am perfectly fine sitting at home with my husband and son and just relaxing.  This is what matters most to me and I find it amazing!  I was never the typical party girl in college (although I did have my share of fun).  I wouldn't call it antisocial, maybe just more reserved.
I may not be the most interesting person but...hey, it's me =)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My son and his green beans

I make my son some amazing meals.  This week, so far, I have tried French Toast with a smiley face with egg drizzled into the eyes and mouth, avocado and grilled cheese sandwhich, and homemade chicken nuggets.  Out of all of these Nicholas has touched one chicken nugget. ONE!  Everything else he merely looks at!  I don't get it.  They look AMAZING!  And you know what, I bet if he tasted it he would know how good they are!

Nope, he won't do it.  He only wants his green beans.  I am not joking, this kid can live on green beans.  That can't be normal!  GREEN BEANS!  Ok, he also loves bananas and cheese.  Can he live on these three things?  Sure.  But shouldn't toddlers at least also like cheerios?  I don't think I have known a child besides mine that hasn't liked cheerios!

Oh yeah, don't try getting anything by this kid either.  I tried replacing his overpriced Earth's Best cereal bar with an "adult" cereal bar that you can buy in bulk...FAILLL.  Won't even touch it.  Does it ever get easier?  Will he eat one day?  Or will I always endlessly struggle with his meals and try to please, always failing?
At least my dog likes all the leftovers.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Great Styles on Haute and Zulilly


This dress would be perfect...if only I could lose a few more lbs =)

If I had a little girl she would so be wearing this this summer

"Tarnished Role Model" when do we move on?

I know many a man that look up to Tiger Woods.  There have been fans that have followed him since he himself was a young boy playing golf better than most golfers can play in their lives.  His god given talent is something that has bestowed on him a life that many of us have not imagined.  I couldn't begin to imagine the stressors in his life, both on himself, and on his family.

So, yes, I get why many criticize the role his mistakes have made.  He is for all purposes a role model.  But where does this cross the line.  I think it crossed the line a while ago.  Even celebrities who put themselves out there deserve the privacy that a marriage and family require.  I do not condone what Tiger Woods did.  I think it was disgusting and not anything a role model of any sorts would do.  But then again what makes Woods any different then any of us?  We all make mistakes but it is not a mistake that will be viewed by the entire world.  We are blessed for this.

Thousands sat around their tv's or the internet today awaiting a statement by Tiger Woods, myself included.  It is sort of a guilty pleasure for many to get involved in the lives of celebrities and the gossip that their lives bring.  But I think we as fans of these celebrities have to have the respect to back off and give these people the privacy and peace they deserve.  Woods has a wife and children that he already has to explain himself to.  I think we can all now rest and move on with the fact that this is a man who is sorry for his actions and truly realizes the effect that this has had on his family.

Let's hope that this statement will bring an end to the publicitiy behind Tiger Woods.  Let us support him now for who he is as a golfer and not a celebrity.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winner of a Tiny Threads Boutique handmade hat giveaway!

 February 17, 2010 2:33 PM

Heidi said...

i would love to get a baby girl hat for my daughter!

Congrats! Check your email shortly for directions on how to claim your prize!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The endless struggle: Staying at home vs. Working

Some evenings when the day is really dragging I long for the days where I can wake up, shower, put on my suit, send Nick off to Grammy's, and go to court.  Come on, I get to shower for one.  I get to sip my coffee in the car and even play some music other then toddler tunes.  It's almost like every once in a while your body and mind just needs a change of pace.

There are days like today though, where I know that court is approaching tomorrow, I am trying to scramble for more time to prepare and I have a son to take care of on top of it that I wonder what I was thinking in the first place.  Sometimes it is almost like we load our plates with so much to do because we can't stand the thought of taking a second to relax  I have been struggling for months to balance my life.  I have my career in one hand and my family and son in another.  I have and always will put my family first.  So why don't I completely put my career on the backburner until I am done raising our children?  Well, ten years from now I will be sitting here after my children go off to school wondering where MY life went.  What did I enjoy before going to gymboree with my son, reading endless toddler books, and going for long walks to the park?  Can't I just figure this out ten years from now?  Sure I can but will anyone respect me, respect what I did for those ten years, what I gave up? 

No one looking in can completely understand what stay at home moms give up but also what they gain to stay at home with their children.  Some think we are merely being lazy, sipping our coffee while our little ones entertain themselves.  Well, that's not so true is it?  So for me, I try to balance both aspects of my life to gain the experience and build up my resume so that one day I can, if I so desire, continue on with my career full speed ahead.  It's not so easy but then again what is?

Zulilly Melissa and Doug and Petit Couture Sale going on

As I have mentioned before, I love getting my daily emails from Zulilly about the fabulous sales they are having on children's clothes and toys.  I especially love it on days like today.  Everyone has heard of Melissa and Doug.  The sale today is 35 percent off on Melissa and Doug and 45 percent off for Petite Couture! 

Here are some of the great things on sale from these two companies:

Melissa and Doug/Petit Couture Sale

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goblin Kids Giveaway by Katydid and Kid

For those of you who have had the pleasure of coming to my humble abode, you know what a natural toy freak I am.  Of course I have some of the buttons and whistles for my little guy..but I try my best to not give in and get only the best for my little boy.  There are many reasons behind this.  First, I worry about what my son is playing with.  I prefer to know that my sons toys are lead free.  On top of this I am a firm believer that if your child is using simpler toys they are more likely to be using their imagination.  This is something that I think is so important for all children, especially young toddlers.

It is amazing to watch you little ones coming up with extraordinary games or doing things you would have never thought of.  And come on, you can't tell me you wouldn't prefer this over he or she slamming a button that makes loud noises all day.  That is why I wanted to post about this giveaway going on over at Katydid and Kid.  This is one of my favorite online toy shops and is definitely worth a peek.  Goblin Kids Giveaway 

This is big on my wishlist and something I know my son would adore!  Maybe it would even keep him out of my kitchen =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nap Time Cliques (The Two to One Transition)

So all this sleep talk got me thinking.  My child has been like clock work when it comes to naps.  He has done what all the sleep books have said as far as going from 4-3 and then 3-2 naps.  The inevitable is beginning to happen with his naps now at around 14 months, he is trying to get rid of one.  The problem is he doesn't quite know which one to get rid of.  Little does he know that his beloved morning nap will soon be going bye bye.  It is definitely bittersweet.  How I will miss the feeling at 6:30 am to only make it through a few short hours before I will get some peace and quiet.  The upside, I don't have to be pinned down twice a day.

What about our playgroups though?! (Notice how I say "our.)  It's almost like there are two where the toddlers are on one nap and one where they are on only one.  Right now, it's great, our friends know that we can get together for two hours in between naps, and it's nice because their little ones are on the same schedule.  But behold...what will happen now?  My son may just be sleeping during the beloved happy hours.  I assume we will make it work, or find other friends...hehe, just kidding!  I just sense a huge change coming, and I have to say, I am a little anxious.  My life has been ruled by these two naps for so long that I am a bit frightened of what my new days may be like.  For now, I will hang on as long as I can.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sleep, Sleep, go away, come again another day...

Every other night I feel like I have lost a marathon.  My husband and I take turns putting our 14 month old son to sleep.  On my husbands nights he goes in there, places our son on his side, tucks him in and leaves the room.  He will often have to go in there a few more times to retuck him...but it really just seems so easy.

My nights are a little different.  If I were to try this, and I have, my son simply rolls over and laughs at me.  I'm not joking, he literally turns, looks at me, and giggles.  It is a definite blow to my ego.  So I rock him.  I am usually fine with this.  I like spending some extra time with him, singing to him, and staring at his little face.  40 minutes later...not so much.  I thought for a while it was getting better, I would rock him and he would either fall asleep or I would rock him till he was drowsy and then walk out.  Now he refuses to sleep for me at all!  I am at a complete loss.  I feel like I have tried everything.  I have read the baby whisperer books, Healthy Sleep Habits, The No Cry Sleep Solution...none have worked.  Many say this is because of my refusal to let him cry it out but I don't agree.  Sure, it may work.  The way I see it, if it's going to completely make me want to cry and can't be natural.  It's at least not natural for me I know.  I would not be able to stand in the other room listening to my son cry for ongoing amounts of times.  I will let him fuss but once he's full out sounding upset I will do whatever it takes besides letting him cry.

Do I think he will ever eventually put himself to sleep?  Definitely.  He does this for my husband so I know he is capable.  My biggest fear is if and when my husband will have to spend a night away.  What the heck am I going to do?!  I guess that will be the true test of my emotions and nerves.  Until then I am just thanking God that my husband is around to save me at night. 

I dream of the day when I can give him his bath, read him his stories, put him in his bed and wish him goodnight! 

Kangaroodle Giveaway

I wanted to tell you all about a great giveaway that is going on at "A Blonde Walks into a Blog."  I absolutely love the store that this giveaway is for, and I am sure you will too.  Also check out the blog, it's great.  Here is a link.  Enjoy!

Kangaroodle Gift Certificate Giveaway

Friday, February 12, 2010

Who said Mom's can't be sexy?

Before I got pregnant I was the queen of heels.  I would wear them everyday if I could.  I would not be caught dead wearing flats (that is before ballet flats became fashionable.)  I am 5'1 and felt utterly powerless without heels, that is until I became a mom.  We all know the feeling when we were five months pregnant that wearing heels would just not be a safe bet.  So we wear our flats, it's only temporary right?  Everyone will understand.  Well, no one tells you, that after you have the'll still be wearing flats.  First it's just the fact that you are "recovering," then it's the fact that you are chasing around your little one on play dates all day...and then the day try on  your beloved heels.  I am not talking about your average heels, I am talking about drop dead sexy heels, pointy toes and the whole shabang.  You put them on and say to yourself, "you've got to be kidding me?!" 

That is what I said to myself today when I tried this out.  I wanted to feel sexy on my date with my husband, so I put on these fabulous leather heels.  I couldn't even walk for goodness sake!  I didn't take them off though, don't you worry.  I wore them and I worked them...even if I was wobbling. I swear, every time I took a step I felt like I could have just about been walking on stilts.

In the end, it doesn't matter how much you have changed or how much your body has changed in the process of making a family.  When it comes down to it you have to look and see what you have in exchange.  I was complaining to my husband last night about how I would love to look like I used to in my bikini, or in an evening dress...but you know what?  Look what I have, I have an amazing son, and a pretty good body to show after it. I will probably never look like I did when I was in college, but do I really want to?  I wouldn't trade anything for what I have.  And you know what, I don't think my husband would either.

When I came home tonight after our date, I took off my heels and awaited my valentine's day present (we celebrated today.)  I saw a Victoria's Secret bag.  I expected lingerie, but instead I got the most wonderful pj set I could ever imagine.  It is so incredibly comfortable, while at the same time sexy.  I was so impressed with my husband and appreciative to have someone that doesn't mind seeing me in my comfy mom clothes all the time!  So tonight I will relish in having an amazing husband, a beautiful son, and a great life.

Its Friday!

Welcome Friday Followers!  I love Fridays, not only because it shows the weekend is coming...which for a stay at home mommy means really just a little change, but also because my mother in law so graciously takes my son for a few hours in the morning!  Right now he is here sitting on my lap, but in about an hour he will go off with his daddy to spend the morning with his grammy.  For me, this will give me a little time to sit back, have a cup of coffee and not worry about Nick grabbing my cup.  I love my little boy, but I am of the mindset that a little break makes you a better parent. 

I am also excited because tonight my hubby and I are going out to celebrate Valentines day.  I am not completely sold on Valentine's day.  I am of the belief that you should show the person you love that you love them all the time, not just on one day of the year...but hey, we get a nice night out so this year I am sold.  So use this weekend to give yourself and your significant other a break, even if it's for an hour to go grab a cup of coffee.

So have a great weekend and don't forget to check out the great giveaway I have going on this week!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Adorable Handmade Children’s Hat Giveaway!

Every child needs at least one beautiful hat to wear in the cold weather or to match their Easter outfit.  We have the perfect giveaway.

Linda of Tiny Threads Boutique in North Haven, Connecticut is giving away one hat of the readers choice.  If you are the winner you will be able to choose the style, color, and size of a hat from Tiny Threads Boutique.

By just taking a look at Tiny Threads Boutique you can see the craftmanship that goes into each individual product.  Not only is Tiny Threads a children’s clothing store but Linda can design and create the perfect outfit for your child.  She can design anything from a hair bow to match an outfit you have or even create a heirloom christening outfit for your baby from your wedding gown.

In addition to handmade goods, Tiny Threads carries various boutique brands.  Special occasion outfits can be ordered as well and only take a couple of days or a week.

Visit Tiny Threads Boutique and take a look around.  Here are some ways that you can enter this giveaway.  It will end noon on Thursday February 18, 2010.

To enter, do the following and leave a comment for EACH
1. What hat would you want and who would you give it to? First Entry
2. Become a public follower of my blog. 1 extra entry
3. Blog or Tweet about this giveaway and post the URL 2 entries
4. Follow me on Twitter 1 entry
5. Click to vote for us at Top Baby Blogs 1 for each time you click, up to 3
6. Add me to your blogroll 1 entry.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

I'd love this dress...but I'd also like to be able to look better in it!  I have three weddings in the next six months and am hoping I can lose some weight!

New Great Deals Everyday on Children's Clothing, Gear, and Mommy Designs

My guilty pleasure just about every morning is waking up to an email from Gilt Groupe, Haute Looks and now, Zulily.  Both of these sites have daily sales on designer items at AMAZING prices.  On Gilt there are often sales on Dolce and Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and on Haute Looks always has fantastic designers and usually you can get some great deals on children's toys as well.  Zulily just had it's first official sale a couple of weeks ago, and so far I have been impressed with their selections.

If you sign up for these sites you receive a daily email (if you choose) with the sales for the day.  It's great because it allows those of us who may have never been able to afford that red carpet dress the chance to at least dream of purchasing it.  Around Christmas time Haute Looks had some insane deals on Plan Toys which is one of my favorite toy companies.  I would have never found some of these designers if it weren't for these sites.  I love when a little boutique posts their designs, some of the finds are just so unique.

Here is the link to sign up, the great part is there is also a referral system that will credit your account when someone purchases after signing up under you! 


Haute Look

Gilt Groupe

I hope you enjoy at least day dreaming abou some of these purchases!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Whoever said ideals weren't meant to be broken?

I always think about how much different a parent I am then I ever thought I would be.  I am sure, at one time or another, everyone looks back and thought they would do something differently as a parent.  For me, it's not so much the big things that I do different.  I wore my baby for the first few months, I still try to do as much attachment parenting as possible, I seperated my son's vaccines, and for the most part feed organic.  It's those little things though that you just sometimes have to give up. 

Like your fear of germs and how we put this on our children, taking away his pacifier at 3 months, weaning off bottles at a year, no tv till 3.  These were ideals, that honestly, I decided were just losing battles.  Boys will be boys, I can't seclude him from the world.  My son loves his pacifier way too much.  When we tried snipping the tip so that maybe he wouldn't want it anymore...he cried and started hitting himself with it, too much for me to handle.  My little boy loves his comfort items, his bottle being one of them.  And for the tv, well, we are still pretty good about this...but the smile on his face when he sees Sid the Science Kid makes me forget this simple rule.

Parenting isn't about being the most perfect parent.  It's about love, compassion, teaching, and changing with your child.  I could never have imagined the little things about being a mom.  I learn with time what is and is not the most important part.  I just want to have my son grow up knowing that my husband and I are there for him, he has someone to come back to.  I want him to grow to trust and love.  In the end, it won't matter if he has his pacifier for a little longer, or if sometimes his mommy needs a break and she gives in with the tv. 

We all have ideals, but that's just what they are.  It doesn't make us anymore or less of a parent.
Now, off I go to music class with my one year old...why, because he loves it, not because I think it will make him any smarter.  (He's already too smart!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to our very first sponsor!

If you look over to your right, you will notice that we have a sponsor!  I am so very excited about this, and I have to say, even more excited because of how cute I think this sponsor's products are!  The name of the company is Naturally Knits.  She is a seller on Etsy who makes fabulous eclectic children's wear.  She makes some of the most unique beanies, they are absolutely adorable, and she is constantly updating her selections.  So let's welcome her and have a stop by her site, I'm sure you will find something you like!  I absolutely love her skull beanies, so stylish.

There and back with toddler, without packing the house

Before you have a child, you think that having one will of course make traveling a lot harder, but you don’t exactly realize HOW much harder.  I myself thought that all I would have to do is pack a diaper bag full of bottles, extra clothes, diapers, and some other small things.  Sleeping anywhere else would have been easy.  All I would need is a pack and play.  My son would feel completely comfortable being anywhere else, he wouldn’t need to be in the comforts of his own home.  He also would love car rides…don’t all babies and toddlers sleep in cars…the whole way?

I think I realized the day I brought our son home from the hospital that this was not real life, this is not how traveling would be…

I looked around our hospital room and noticed the piles that have gathered.  A boppy, a car seat, diapers, bottles, a breast pump, Vaseline, clothes, blankets, pacifiers, books.  And this was for a 7 lb child who was only in this world for 2 days!  What have we gotten ourselves into?!  The ride home was just as expected, I think he did sleep the whole way, it was a 15 minute ride.  It wasn’t until we started traveling 20 minutes until I realized my dream of pleasant car rides was a fairy tale, at least for this child.

In order to plan an overnight trip in this house it takes 1 large suitcase, a backpack, two diaper bags, a dog, a bag for the dog stuff, and usually extra space in the CR-V for some toys.  It also takes a cranky, grumpy baby who resists most attempt to sleep through the night, or for that matter, fall asleep at all.  Because of this, yesterday, instead of staying the weekend at my parents, an hour and a half away…we did a day trip.  ‘
Sure, it was hectic, but it was amazing how much stress it saved.  I packed a diaper bag and we didn’t have to pack that many toys or any bottles.  Nick was a little impatient on the way home, but in the end he got to spend some time with his grandpa, great grandma, uncle and we didn’t have the extra worry of sleeping out of the house.  This is something that two years ago, I would not dream of doing.  It would have been way too much.  Now it is almost like a typical day in my life.  We got home and couldn’t believe that we were in our house earlier that morning, it felt like we were gone for a week.  But we made the parents happy, had some good food, and don’t have to think of a dreaded overnight for at least another month.  Thank God for that.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

National Children's Dental Health Month

There's a month and a day for everything else, so why not children's teeth.  It is being encouraged that children be brought to the dentist by their first birthday, instead of what most parents do by waiting until three.

I spoke to my dentist about this the other day, and he kind of just snickered.  He did say that most pediatricians will tell you this, and that a family dentist will often take children this early...but really, it isn't that serious.  There are mixed messages from all different sources.  The truth is, every parent is going to make up their own mind, regardless of a national tooth month or not.  Although, I read further into it, and started to get a little scared after reading the statistics. " A 2007 survey of Connecticut schoolchildren found that 31% of children in Head Start aged 2-4 have already experienced tooth decay and that 14% of those children had 5 or more teeth decayed or missing from decay. By Kindergarten, more than one in four children have experienced dental decay, 16% of which have untreated decay."February is Children's Dental Health Month

I am very hesitant to bring my son in because he couldn't even get a hair cut without acting like it was the end of the world.  How is he going to react to someone prying his mouth open and looking at his precious teeth.  He loves using his toothbrush and brushing twice a day...but how well is he really doing?  I heard the other day you are supposed to floss too once your child has two teeth touching each other?!  Yea, am I supposed to pull this off, he barely lets me brush for him. And I, after 26 years, just learned the truly correct way to floss your teeth. Even my dentist admitted though...he's not really too anxious to meet my little boy in a dental room. 

So, if we aren't ready to bring our children to the dentist what can we do?

  • take your child to the dentist regularly
  • don't give him/her too many sugary or acidic foods and drinks
  • encourage your child to brush his/her teeth twice a day with at least 1,000ppm fluoride toothpaste
  • encourage your child to spit out toothpaste and not rinse with water, as this reduces the effect of the fluoride 
What I find interested is that my pediatrician specifically told me not to use flouride toothpaste, this also kind of aggravates me.  I wish they could just get on all one page.  But tomorrow, I am going to go get some fluoride toothpaste and maybe switch up the cleanings.  As for flossing...I just don't know how we can pull this one off with a toddler.  Good luck!

Some information taken from:

Friday, February 5, 2010

Why do I do this?

So, I was thinking, and it came to my realization that I have people reading this blog, that really don't know anything about me.  They don't know why I blog...heck, even the people that do know me, don't know why I blog.  This got me thinking even more about something someone I know mentioned the other day.  They knew why I blogged.  And you know what, they were right.

I am first a mom and a wife.  On most days, this is what I wake up and feel like.  This is what defines me.  The first thing I do when I get up is either feed my son, or cuddle with my son and my husband.  The day goes on, changing diapers, feeding my son, or going to gymboree.  When do I get to do anything for myself?  Well, right now.  I blog. 

Before becoming a mommy, and before becoming a wife I was someone who identified herself as an aspiring dancer, someone who wanted to be an attorney, a daughter, a caring friend, a smart intelligent women who had different dreams and goals.  Today, my dreams and goals might be different, but they are no less important, I don't cherish them any less.  I still want to be a great attorney, a great friend, and yea, I'd love to keep dancing.  Now my dreams have just grown.  I want to be an amazing mom and wife. I want to instill the best values in my son that I can, I want to help him be the person he will want to be.

And, I blog because, hell, I was in law school working my butt off and consuming myself with every possible activity I could do.  I don't know how to just be a mom, or just be a wife.  I need to take on more, I need to feel like I am helping a whole lot more.  So, this is what I do.  I like sharing my experiences and my thoughts...and I hope you enjoy reading about them.

Also, thank you to all my Friday Followers!  Can't wait to visit your blogs!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Seriousness of Girl Scout Cookies

So, I am not big on plagiarizing or not giving credit where credit is due, so I must give credit for today's post to my husband.  Although I have not asked his permission to use his words, I hope he will understand that they were just too funny to pass up on.

It's girl scout cookie time.  For the past five years we have had a great resource for girl scout cookies, and we have never missed the opportunity to get tons of boxes of cookies.  Every year we order less because we have learned that it will take us a whole year to eat them sometimes!  So this year we have only ordered 6 boxes.

Here is our count:

2 tag alongs
2 thin mints
1 samoa
1 do si do

Simple enough, right?
Not so much. What happens when those cookies come...what if I want a tag along, even though my husband was the one that ordered the tag alongs.  Or what if he wants one of my precious samoa's.  And now, we have a little one who might want some cookies!  This is serious business.  Well, don't worry, leave it to my husband...he's been thinking this all along.  This is an email I received yesterday regarding a cookie plan.
I think it's pretty fair don't you?

You get:

1 full box of do si do's
1 half box of samoa's
3/4 box of tagalongs
3/4 box of thinmights

I get:

1 and 1/4 boxes of Tagalongs
1 and 1/4 boxes of Thinmints
1 half box of samoas

= 3 boxes each.

Nick gets 10% of all boxes. Preferably he'd just eat his own cookies...

Well, at least that's settled =)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Polenta and Sausage Recipe

Ok, here is the recipe that Allison has requested. We had it last night and it was yummy! Unfortunately I didn't make it as good as my husband..

Sausage links (italian)
Beans (your choice)we like Kidney
1 large can tomatoes
Parmesan Cheese
Package of Polenta

Step One

Cook the bacon until it is fairly crispy, you are going to want to crumble it in the sauce. Put it aside

Step Two

Cook the sausage: I cooked it in the bacon grease, but it is up to preference. After it is cooked, put it aside.

Step Three

Wipe the pan with a paper towel after you are done with the sausage and bacon. Then you want to chop and put in the onions.
After they are slightly brown, put in the sauce.

Step Four

Add the bacon to the sauce. Let simmer for about a half an hour.

Step Five

Start the polenta. There will be directions on the package, but most brands you add six cups of water and SLOWLY add and stir the polenta into the boiling water. I say slowly because I didn't do this and I wish I did. You must stir the polenta frequently for about 30 minutes until it is very very thick. During this, put the sausage into the sauce, and the beans to allow the tastes to blend.

Step Six

Spoon Polenta into a medium baking dish, let cool for 10 minutes and then flip over onto a cutting board and cut.

Serve Sausage and sauce over polenta. You can also add butter and cheese to the polenta while stirring. Let me know how it turns out! Good Luck!

Here are some pictures: I didn't get a picture of the end result =(

The only way to get any cooking done is to feed the little man.

Study Linking MMR and Autism Retracted

A major medical journal in Britian has retracted a study linking the MMR vaccine and autism.  The reason for this is that it has been proven that Wakefield, the doctor behind the research, acted unethically during the study.  Wakefield took blood samples from children at his son’s birthday party, while paying them money for their assistance.  Other unethical practices were also conducted.

Because of this study thousands of parents around the globe have stopped giving their children the MMR vaccine, or are at least delaying the shot.  Many of us remember seeing Jenny McCarthy on Oprah, or being interviewed by Barbara Walters, about her son’s onset of autism, and how it appeared right after the MMR vaccine.  Book after book has been written on this subject, and in addition, study after study since then has shown that their is no link between the two.  But some of us, including myself, question how this can be true.

In February of 2008, the United States Government conceded(quietly) a vaccine-autism case in the Court of Federal Claims.
The doctors in this case conceded that the child that developed autism was developing completely normally until her 18 month checkup.  At her checkup she received 9 different vaccines that are normally given at this visit.  Two of these contained thimerosal.  Only days later, this child began to develop a series of symptoms from loss of language skills, incessant screaming, all the way to no eye contact.  This little girl was diagnosed with autism.  The concession by the doctors stated, “The vaccines received on July 19, 2000, significantly aggravated an underlying mitochondrial disorder, which predisposed her to deficits in cellular energy metabolism, and manifested as a regressive encephalopathy with features of ASD.”

How many other times have we heard this same story?  Do you think that the article retracting the MMR-Autism link study will change the mind of parents who are waiting or not giving the MMR vaccine?  I don’t really think so.  I know it hasn’t changed my mind.  I vaccinate my son, but I follow the Dr. Sears vaccine schedule.  It wasn’t a decision we went lightly into, but it is one that I think was right for our son.  Nick will get the MMR vaccine, but we will wait until before he is about to enter into school to receive it.  This will allow his immune system a little more time to mature.  Hopefully by then, there will be even more studies.  If it is true that any problems with a child’s immune system can possibly be sparked by certain vaccines, this makes it very scary with the number of vaccines that our children are exposed to at their well visits.  I am not saying that there is a link, I am just saying that after you do the research I hope that you can make a well informed decision.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can you spoil a baby?

This is a constant debate among both today’s parents and parents of past generations.  It is not a debate that will end anytime soon.  I just hope to be able to put my perspective out there, give you some research that I have found…and leave you to make your own decisions.

For those of you that know me fairly well, you know my position on this.  You can not spoil a baby  Sure, there are children out there, and even adults, that at one point got way too much that they didn’t need.  They were spoiled rotten, didn’t have any boundaries, or any respect.  I get this.  But, it would be very hard for you to convince me that a young baby who is held, attended to, and given all the love they want, will turn into a disrespectful spoiled teenager.

I am sure at some point in all of our lives, we will have a parent, or friend, telling us not to hold our baby too much, or not to feed on demand.  These people, honestly believe, that you can train your child.  Tell me how limiting the amount of time you hold your baby will teach them that they can’t have everything they want.  They can’t possibly know cause and effect yet. 

According to an article by Dr. Peter Haiman, human beings have the longest period of normal, developmental dependency.

In order to feel secure and confident in life, a child needs to feel secure and confident in their home, and with their family.  This important bond is built within the first year and beyond.  “It is a parent’s accurate interpretations of, and appropriate responses to the infant’s signals that nurture the child’s felt security and the development of trust.”   My favorite part of the research represented in this article is that babies who are held, and not let to cry are more stable and self controlled six and seven year olds, “they are also more self-disciplined and less aggressively dependent.”

The world is a cruel, lonely enough place.  One day our children will be out on their own and I hope to provide mine with a loving and nurturing home and family that they can trust and come home to.  I want to give him all of the love and attention I can give him now, while he is learning what compassion and trust is, before he is faced with any other obstacles in life.  Albeit, as my son is growing older, I am learning boundaries, and when not to attend to certain things (early tantrums)…but there are so many teaching moments where you can provide love and nurture as a building block for your child.  You will never look back and say, “I wish I held him/her less.”  So, enjoy it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snack Time!

Nick loves his snacks.  Whenever I tell him it’s time for a snack, he races into the kitchen saying, “Snack,snack,snack.”  I wanted to recommend some of Nick’s favorite snacks because I know it’s hard to know what to feed your picky little eater sometimes.  Here are some of Nicholas’ favorites!
apple These apple snack bars are by far our go to snack.  He is obsessed.  He can eat them all day, every day.
smileys Smiley Cookies.  They are vanilla flavored.  It is almost like a cookie, but what I like about it is, if you read the ingredients, it’s actually just like cereal..and he loves the faces
cheddar Cheese flavored crackers…and not the gross stuff that is in cheez its.  They also come in chocolate, which I will give Nick for dessert sometimes.
plum I couldn’t believe it when I found these…it is a pure fruit puree..there is no added sugar!  Nick loves it, and I know that he is getting some healthy fruit in him.  It’s great for little hands and really fills his belly up in between meals.

And finally…
yes, that’s right, someone got into daddy’s oreos!  Hide these at all costs…they get EVERYWHERE, and are impossible to clean.
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