Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pastina, Egg, and Veggie Recipe

This recipe is courtesty of one of my good friends and her mother.  We were on a play date yesterday and were told about this great recipe.  My son wasn't that big of a fan because anything that requires the use of a spoon and him succumbing to being fed by his mom is a no no.  But both of the other children there loved it. It is very nutritious and I really really wished I could get my little guy to like it.  I will keep trying!

1. Bring water to a boil and cook pastina according to box directions. You can use tubitini or any other pasta really for that matter.  Come to think of it, maybe little man will eat it if he can pick up the pasta!
2. Drain the pasta.
3. Scramble an egg or two depending on how much pasta you are using.
4. cook over low heat with the pastina to cook the egg.
5. Add your cooked veggies.  Mixed Vegetables would work great.
6. Here's my touch, parmesan cheese...what kid doesn't love it.

You are getting grains, protein, and veggies.  All around healthy meal.

Hope you are more successful then me!  Thanks Stef for the recipe!

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  1. nice! i can't get my sweetart to touch a veggie - and french fries don't count in my book -- but i'm still trying ... and trying and trying ... thanks for the recipe!


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