Thursday, February 23, 2012

Requirements to be a Stay at Home Mom: Fitness Required

When I first started this blog when my oldest was about a year old I don't think I quite understod how much coffee would play a part in my life.  I mean, I sort of knew.  Thus, why I picked the title for this blog.  Bud did I really know?  Not really.  Not until I had my second...and actually not until my second started walking.  Sure, the job got a little easier, I no longer had to lug my child around like a sack of potatoes (oh wait, is this really true because I'm pretty sure L doesn't like being put down).  Really, though, it got way more physical.  From putting one up in the high chair, chasing the other one to get him in the kitchen to eat, running up and down the stairs when the little guy wakes up from his nap way too early.  Man, it's exhausting.  I honestly believe unless I was a physical trainer or something along those one requires more physical fitness then a mom to two young children.

I sat down to write this after one of the most exhausting weeks.  It feels like Friday but it is still only Thursday.  I finally got N down for his nap for the first time this week, right after getting L down.  I decided that I really needed a nap myself.  Of course, this ended up feeling a little bit more like the torture treatment I saw on an episode of Homeland.  Everytime I dozed...I was awoken by a screaming baby.  I eventually gave up, and here I am.  I finally realized that the poor little guy is getting a molar, but still!  Come on little one...don't you know momma needs a break too!

So now onto search other blogs on quiet time activities for N because at a little over 3 I think he is outgrowing his's been great.


  1. I can relate! I have 13 month old twins and am pregnant with my third. It was hard enough chasing after them when I wasn't pregnant, but now it is just exhausting. I'm jealous that you get to drink coffee . . .

    1. I could NOT imagine having 13 month old twins and being pregnant! Go you! I know, I shouldn't complain about my morning cup of Joe! No matter what, you will love your new little one and everything will work out!!


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