Sunday, April 17, 2011

Toddler Transitions part I, continued...I Lied

I utterly lied.  This toddler transition thing can be even tougher than I had originally anticipated.  It could be that or it could be the fact that I am the most indecisive person/mother on the planet.  Not only did I think I made a decision, but I also told the whole world I had made a decision.  Enter a few days later, this unmistakable feeling that I did not make the right one.  I am sure you are all too familiar with this feeling.  My very decisive husband thinks I have lost my mind and that this whole preschool debate is just an ongoing obsession of mine and clearly I will do whatever I want anyway so why continue to go on and on with the choices.  Whew, sound familiar?

We all have our weaknesses, aleit, I may have more than the average person.  I overanalyze every little thing in my life, why should the choice of sending my first son to preschool be any different?  So, before I tell you that I have changed my mind and I have officially picked a more formal preschool setting than originally chosen, I will just tell you that is my newest development.  I hope to send my payment in this coming week and secure a spot. Yes, N will only be 2 when he enters, turning 3 in December but the program that I am enrolling him in seems to be more play based and not so over the top into academics.  Of course there will be the incidental learning through play but I thought long and hard about how much our child's brain grows and learns in the first few years of life, why not have him absorb as much as possible.  I don't want an Einstein child, but I do want a child who has the chance to develop himself individually outside a 20 foot raidius of his mother.  I have absolutely adored these 2 and a half years of having him by my side 24/7, but I am ready to allow him to feel confident with me not by his side.  He still has some anxieties with being away from me, and this program is a co op, so I am hoping that this can foster his growth while still giving him the time and love to do it.  Also, this will give L, my second son, some of the love and added attention that his older brother got for so long!

On a side note, we are finally getting over our bout of what I would like to call a failed flu shot.  I am convinced what we have could have been nothing other than the flu.  Who knows?  See you this week to talk about the pacifier fairy, some cute finds I found at the J Crew outlets, and some other fun things.
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