Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is there a secret to where all the socks and pacifiers go?

Everyone is always talking about the sock bunny who must hang out in your dryer who mysteriously steals all of your socks.  It is so true.  I swear, I have two pairs of socks that I can keep track of and only because they are very brightly colored.  All my white socks, or smaller sized socks (my sons) have literally disappeared off the face of the Earth.  How come no one ever talks about the disappearing act that pacifiers play every once in a while.

We have a running joke in this house that at one point my husband had an obsession with keeping 4 pacis lined up on my son's crib at a time so that we would always know, hey, there's four pacis in the other room if we ever lose one.  Well, our son only uses his paci at night and for naps.  Needless to say somehow I, yes me, have lost all but one of his darling pacifiers.  I can't tell you how, or why.  All I can tell you is I have no clue where these things have gone.  We've searched high and low.  Thank God for his green pacifier though.  It's the only one that hasn't disappeared.  That is, until last night.  Luckily it didn't start until 5:30 this morning, but I knew something would up.  My son kept waking up, and at one point I knew I had to go in.  I found a very upset little boy.  It ends up daddy tried putting him back to sleep without his paci because it was gone.  Well, I tore apart that bed, the room, everything.  I couldn't find it!  At this point I knew my little boy wasn't going back to bed.  He was a mess.  This continued for a long time.  Poor little guy.

Well, we found the pacifier, thank you for that.  This just scares the heck out of me and what we can expect when we decide to get rid of it once and for all.  What's everyones opinion, should we do it before the new baby arrives in November or say, hey, who cares he likes it.


  1. Hmmm...that's a tough one for me to answer. Both my girls took pacifiers for only a few months before they discovered the thumb. I was grateful -- it's kinda hard to lose a thumb!

    But during that time, I remember well the late-night, sleep-deprived, zombie scavenger hunt for pacifiers!

    Hope you find a solution soon!

  2. I seriously have NO idea where they go! I think there must be little monsters living in the closets that survive on pacifiers.

  3. When you find out where they go, you let me know. We don't use pacifiers, but the bottom portion of the straws for his straw cups always disapear. I take them apart to wash them, put all the pieces in the dishwasher, and the bottom part never makes it back. I feel like a dumb dumb crawling into my dishwasher to find them...but they're never there.

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  6. Don't know why I couldn't see my typos before I hit post. OOPS...probably a few more in here.

    Oh, the missing socks and binkies! I HATE keeping track of my little girls socks (and it shows since she usually goes to the sitter, mismatched!)
    The binky mystery still boggles me. I've bought about 10 since she was born and I think we're down to 3.

    She only uses hers during naps and bedtime too and we too have an addition coming in November. While I would like to ween her before the new arrival, I feel she'll want something to keep her as Mommy's baby so I'm torn.
    BTW, she'll be 2 in a few weeks. How old is your little guy

  7. If you figure out where all the missing stuff goes before I have kids I would really appreciate it, I'm already going nuts just loosing socks :)

  8. the dryer eats the socks lol

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  9. I've heard that the washing machine eats the socks. Socks, esp little ones like baby socks, can get sucked out with the water when its draining. I'm anticipating major drainage problems in the future because we lose a ton. I try to remember to wash all those little socks in a linen bag, which really helps with keeping them together.

  10. I say the sock fairy comes and gets lol as for the pacifiers,lord knows where they go. They just

    Wishing you a wonderful day!


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