Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday: My Colonial Home

My family still lives in an apartment, I don't mind this so much because I want to be sure that we have allll of our finances in order before we make that investment in a home.  That aside, I can't wait to settle in a quaint little town, hopefully on the shoreline of Connecticut.  My greatest hope is that it can be a town that I will live in for the rest of my life.  For some this is a scary thought, but for me it is something that I always have wanted.  I want a town with a great school system, down town shops...almost like a little village.

I have always adored old town houses, either Colonial or Federal style.  And I hope that in the near future I can be moving intoa house that looks a little something like this...

I can dream a little.


  1. so pretty! I feel ya, we are still in an apartment too. Sometimes I'll drive around my favorite neighborhood and peak into the houses for sell. They don't have to know I'm just dreaming for now. :-)

  2. Such a pretty house! My mom's family is from CT. It is a pretty state :)

  3. I think your dreams and aspirations are great. If you read my blog you know where I'm at on the debt-free thing. And while I came from a small town and couldn't wait to get out, I completely get the charm and appeal. You'll get there, keep working toward your dream.

  4. Dream big, but don't be afraid to start small and don't wait too long!!

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