Thursday, June 24, 2010

Room planning: combining a library and a nursery

My family and I are approaching ANOTHER move. This time, with the expecting of another little boy, we will need a third bedroom. We are going to look at a place today that sounds very promising. This got us thinking of what we will do with the extra room. Of course, I had the idea of another nursery for the littl one while my husband expected a library/computer room.

With our first son we tried co sleeping and it just didn't work out. This kid snored so loud we couldn't fathom spending more than the first three weeks in the same room as him. We are hoping that this one is a little quieter and that we can have him sleep in our room for the first couple of months. I will be giving breastfeeding a good go and hope to make it a lot longer than I did with our son. I think co sleeping, or at least being in the same room with baby will help.

With this we could have our first son in his room, which will most likely end up having bunk beds in it for when the next one is ready to move on up to the big kids bed. The third room will most likely be a combination of a nursery and a library. We have so many great books that have been boxed up for the past year that we would like to put on display. We also need a place for the computer. I'd love to keep the crib in this room with the same sailboat theme that we had in our first son's room being that he will have the same bedding set. I think we can make this work. I'd like it to be a tranquil place with a great comfy chair, a huge bookshelf and the crib. Here are some ideas I have in mind.

bookshelfOur crib

For the computer


  1. I love the ideas. Should come together nicely. The compact corner desk is a great idea!

  2. Where ARE you?? How are the munchkins? And I love the boat lamp...omg, when we move to a bigger place, I'm going to have such fun planning little man's room.

    You are gone too long.


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