Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring In the Air

Where did the winter go?  I remember late October coming and thinking I sure don't want winter.  We had the most amazing summer and the thought of snow, and staying indoors just wasn't sitting well with me.  To be honest, I can't tell you where the winter went...and I am sure happy about that.  I walked outside today, our daffodils are blooming, it was moist and beautiful out...and it is time for spring!  My favorite part about spring is the new flowers blooming, the crisp smell of the air, getting outside more, and of course getting ready to clothes shop for the boys!  I am so excited.  Stay tuned int he next few weeks for any sales that I can track down.  I don't like to buy anything for the boys that is not on sale.  There are always such great sales, why not wait for the perfect chance??  Here are some of the cutest things that i plan on picking up for the boys:
Children's Place: They are having a 25 percent off sale now...These shorts you can snatch up for about 9 dollars.



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