Monday, March 15, 2010

A Beginning of a New Era

The days are numbered.  You wake up with your lovely son, grab some breakfast, cuddle for a little bit, read a few books and eventually your son goes down for his first nap.  It could last anywhere from 1-2 hours, but you knew it was coming.  It would give you just enough time to have that coffee, read up on some blogs, the news, maybe even catch a dvr'd show.  Then, he wakes up and you get out and start your day, no earlier than 11 am.  You can meet up with some friends, go to a class.  But you inevitably will have to run home to get him his much needed second nap.  Another 1-2 hours where you will be sure and try your hardest to clean up around the house, get some chores and work done, but really, who am I kidding...I basically took this time for myself.

That was then.  Now, the days are numbered, we go from 2 naps to a few days here and there when my son wants no nap after the hour of 11 am.  that leaves me at least 7 HOURS!  I would love some insight from those of you who can keep your toddler engaged for 7 hours without going crazy.  Sure, we try to get out at least once a day...but the longer periods of activity are leaving me exhausted and at a lack for things to do.  It is really like running a marathon.  I am wondering if it just takes some time to adjust, or if I will always feel like this.  I need to read up on some books, because I know for sure putting little man down for one nap at 10 and having him wake that early for the rest of the day doesn't seem to be helping with hs tantrums.  ahh, the joys of parenting.


  1. Hi there, dropping by from Marketing Mondays. I remember those days when my son stopped napping...

  2. It IS a marathon. Mine will be 18 in 11 months, and I can finally see the finish line.
    Drives, parks, bike rides. Getting them outside usually wears them out faster.

  3. Yes, it's never ending, lol. I have to say though, that 2 of my 3 are now driving and it's WONDERFUL!!!!! I'm almost out of the 'taxi service' stage! whoo hooo! There is hope, hold on, lol!

    Thanks for visiting me today, it means a lot.

  4. My 2 year old dropped her AM nap this Fall and I just about died. Now she goes down at noon and sleeps just about 3 hours however she gets really cranky in the AM so I make her "rest" for an hour. Yes in front of the TV :-)

    It makes all the difference in the world.

    Hope that helps!


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