Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Part IV...The Dreaded Bathrooms

So this is it, the last room.  After this you can feel reassured that you have hit the darkest and dirtiest corners of your home.

1. Start with the cabinets and drawers.  Clean them out.  You wouldn't believe how much junk builds up in these things over the months.  Throw out the garbage and organize the drawers.  I can't even tell you how many empty medicine containers I found...seriously!?  Yea it was probably all me.
2.Remove everything that you don't need on the counters.  Even the toothpaste, you can find a place for this.  Scrub down the counters and only keep your soap dispenser and anything that makes the bathroom look more attractive.
3. Clean the shower.  This includes washing your shower curtain, or if you want even replacing the liner, you can get really cheap ones at Ikea for about 3 bucks.  Scrub the walls, fixtures, the floor.  Throw out any old loofah's.  These things are bacteria magnets!
4.  Toilet time.  I hate this part, but do it up.  Don't forget to wear your gloves.  After you are done with the swiffer, either stick it in some antibacterial wash or toss it and buy a new one.  This thing is just so gross.
5. Vacuum and mop the floor.  When you are done with this, grab the magic eraser and go around the molding.  This really will brighten up the room when you are done.
6. Wash any carpets or towels in the room that are used for display. have a clean house.  Or in the least, a more organized one.  The other possibility is that your other rooms have already started gathering dust and you'll have to start all over again!  Well, at least the knitty gritty is done!


  1. "grab the magic eraser and go around the molding" I so need to do that!

  2. I just did my master bathroom not too long ago and used a Magic Eraser for the first time. I think I'm in love!

  3. Never thought of the magic eraser. Makes total sense! Great tips!

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    Have a great weekend!
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