Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Part II: Dining and Living Rooms

I hope that many of you were able to conquer your kitchens last week.  I have made some good progress, but am still working on that toaster oven!  I just haven't been able to bring myself to it.  I will probably have to finish that today before moving on.

This week we are going to work on the dining and living rooms.  The dining room, so sacred and rarely used should not be so hard (unless you are like us) we have a dining table when you first walk in...so you got it, everythig piles up on that table.  The living room is another matter.  This is the place where family gathers, children play.  Let's get to work.

Living Room
-First off, get a box, or a bag and gather everything that doesn't belong in this room and get it out!  Don't start anything else until this stuff is out and in the appropriate rooms.
-Once you've got that taken care of slowly move around the room working on the tables, any tv stands and remove everything.  Start dusting!  Isn't it fun?!  Once you've dusted a tabletop or a shelf put it back together in an organized fashion.  Once you've moved all around the room you should have a very pretty and less chaotic space.
-Move those couches and vacuum.  You are also going to want to move the cushions if they are removable.  Vacuum under the couches, under the cushions and throw those cushions in the wash.  If you have kids you know the spots that can build up over the course of a year.. When vacuuming be sure to get the corners of the room too.
-Dust the ceilings, especially in the corners
-Magic Erase the spots on the walls if you have white walls!  It really does wonders.
-Wash those windows, indoors and out.  If you have blinds, dust over those as well!
-Why not add a touch of spring to the room, bring in a bright colored accent...it will really brighten up the room.

Dining Room
-If you are like us you have a beautiful hutch that you probably only get around to dutsing after you have a dinner party and remove all the wonderful plates.  Well, get to it.  Remove all the glasses and plates, give them a brief dusting and then wipe down the shelves and windex the windows.  White vinegar will also do the trick and give that smell of clean.  Dust the top, the inside shelves and then move on.
-Remove anything that is sitting on that table (more for me than anyone else).  Change the table linen or give the table a nice dusting.  Vacuum the cushions on the chairs or wipe those down as well.
-If you have drawers that are loaded with stuff, sort through and see what you can do without.
-dust those lights.
-Vacuum and get to the floors.

Once I finish the kitchen, and these three rooms I will be super psyched because these are the first three rooms you see when entering my home.  It will be a relief. Dreaming of it is only half the battle =(

Good Luck Everyone!!


  1. Ahhh, now you have me in the mood to move my sofas and clean!! haha..well, maybe not TODAY..:)
    Such a cute blog you have here. I will sign up to follow...
    Just visiting from SITS...
    xo bj

  2. Hello, I just found your blog from TMC. Very cute! I love your spring cleaning idea. I just wrote out a list for myself yesterday. Happy Spring cleaning week to you. Good Luck!

  3. I didn't do the assigned spring cleaning, but scrubbed my bathrooms down -- including the grout. Do I get points for that? ;-)

  4. I'm still in the dreaming stage :) but I've set Friday aside as the day to get going on my spring cleaning!

  5. I love a good clean, ship shape and Bristol fashion all the way! thanks for popping over and saying hello.

  6. Jennifer...you definitely get points!! The bathroom is the worst room to clean!!

    Thanks for stopping by guys!


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