Thursday, February 23, 2012

Requirements to be a Stay at Home Mom: Fitness Required

When I first started this blog when my oldest was about a year old I don't think I quite understod how much coffee would play a part in my life.  I mean, I sort of knew.  Thus, why I picked the title for this blog.  Bud did I really know?  Not really.  Not until I had my second...and actually not until my second started walking.  Sure, the job got a little easier, I no longer had to lug my child around like a sack of potatoes (oh wait, is this really true because I'm pretty sure L doesn't like being put down).  Really, though, it got way more physical.  From putting one up in the high chair, chasing the other one to get him in the kitchen to eat, running up and down the stairs when the little guy wakes up from his nap way too early.  Man, it's exhausting.  I honestly believe unless I was a physical trainer or something along those one requires more physical fitness then a mom to two young children.

I sat down to write this after one of the most exhausting weeks.  It feels like Friday but it is still only Thursday.  I finally got N down for his nap for the first time this week, right after getting L down.  I decided that I really needed a nap myself.  Of course, this ended up feeling a little bit more like the torture treatment I saw on an episode of Homeland.  Everytime I dozed...I was awoken by a screaming baby.  I eventually gave up, and here I am.  I finally realized that the poor little guy is getting a molar, but still!  Come on little one...don't you know momma needs a break too!

So now onto search other blogs on quiet time activities for N because at a little over 3 I think he is outgrowing his's been great.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

At Home Classroom: Winter Wonderland

When N was little, before I had L, N and I used to do every kind of activity imaginable.  The first year of L's life though wiped me clean.  I finally feel like a human.  N is in his first year of preschool so I didn't feel so horrible laying off the learning activities but lately since L has become more manageable I've made it a goal to start doing more lessons at home.  I am a big follower of the play to learn approach.  Even Nick's preschool is play based.  At this age I feel that is the best way to approach learning.  The near mention of teaching something to N scares him I have to disquise it.  I can see I am going to struggle with him in school! 

This week we are working with a theme.  I figured I should start with this before it is too late!  Our poor daffodils have already been fooled into thinking it's spring!  Our focus is on the letter W and the number 2.

Our first big activity for the week was our winter sensory table.  I used cotton balls and twigs...I sprinkled some cinnamon and ginger in there to make it smell nice and kind of bring in more of the senses.  The kids, especially the little guy, are having a blast.  We also went went on to making a snowman out of cotton balls, singing some snow flake songs, and today, tracing the letter W and the number 2.

We have a chalkboard wall in our kitchen where I wrote the letter and the number and I have N trace it using a wet paint brush.  He enjoys watching the paint turn to water...and then disappear. 

In the end, my play based approach is paying off!  Nick was able to spot the letter W in the alphabet today!  He calls it the triangle letter!  It's a start!

Here are some pictures.

I've also included an idea I got from Pinterest.  We made a roadway/town(with a land for dinosaurs) on craft paper.  It was a big hit!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Planning a Playroom

You don't actually need space in order to plan a playroom, right?  Unfortunately I don't foresee a playroom in our near future.  I've asked my husband if we could maybe move our dining room set into the basement and replace the dining room with a play room...but that didn't go over so well.

It's okay to dream though.  Here are some amazing ideas I have found around the web.  I hope to incorporate a few of these ideas when I eventually get my kids their playroom!

These three I found over at Apartment Therapy.  I especially love the firestation/kitchen under the stairs!  So creative!  There is also nothing wrong with making an office into a playroom/office.  Nothing better than being able to have your little ones playing while you are getting to work...or playing yourself!

This amazing pirate playroom is from Luxury Property.  I don't think I will ever be having something like this...but again, it's okay to dream
This playroom from Elle Decor is just simply amazing.  I love the big ceilings, and the art on the wall.
And finally, via kids would LOVE  slide like this in their would provide endless hours of play!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Visions of Stripes in My Head

I have always had a keen liking for stripes, but this year has seen a leap in the stripe trend.  It seems like it started this past spring and summer with clothing and has now moved onto home decor.  A mixture of pure sailor stripes, to bold stripes, and even to zig zag stripes (chevron).  Well, needless to say, I am quite obsessed.  If you know me, you have probably seen me with one of my many striped shirts.  I just love it.  Two of my favorite stores, Jcrew and Gap have their fair share of gap pieces...even for the little ones.  Here are some of my favorite stripe pieces.  You can never have enough!

 West Elm has some great pieces worth looking into.  I could literally spend all of our money at that store!

Here's a mood board that I put together that was inspired by the striped rug. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards and Crafts

I'm Back!  No other way to say it.  A while back I stopped posting so that I could focus more on my online store, well...needless to say, that didn't work out so well.  I had an amazing time starting the store up, finding clothes for the shop and setting it all up.  In the end, though, I was losing more money then I was making.  It was a great experience, and I continue to want to one day open up a children's boutique...but maybe this one an actual storefront.

Without further ado I'd like to say that I would love to start keeping up with this blog again.  On top of writing about all things children, I would like to start writing and posting about home decor, fashion, good eats, and other things. I don't want to limit myself when I have so many exciting passions!  I am toying with the idea of changing the blogs name...but I think it may just do.  What do you all think??

Well, with my first post back I wanted to share a craft that I did with my children for Valentine's Day.  Everyone in N's preschool class I feel like is doing something more than just picking up a pack of valentine's at Target, so I figured we would jump on the wagon.  I didn't want to do anything too crazy so I just had him use a sponge cut into the shape of a heart and dab it in paint and then on craft paper.  I think it is simple and cute.

Then while staring at my little guy, L, he looked so pitiful not having anything to do.  So I painted his hand and had him make me a handprint!  He didn't like it so much...but having his and N's handprints forever is just too priceless to pass up.  Enjoy!
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