Sunday, March 21, 2010

Everyone knows what a pain it is trying to keep shoes on your little girl or boy, especially when they are so tiny.  I remember getting a cute box of Trumpette Baby socks at my baby shower for my son.  They looked just like sneakers, but instead, they were well made socks that looked just as adorable as little baby shoes.

I've been in love ever since, and although my son has outgrown his, I found a great sale at Gilt where you can get some of the new designs for a steal.  They have the cutest little Minnie Mouse socks that look exactly like the shoes that Minnie wears for 13 bucks!  There is also "chick" baby socks that are placed in an egg container to give as a gift...would be too cute for Easter. 

If you are interested here's the link.

Gilt/Trumpette Baby Socks

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  1. My youngest daughter lived in these socks!! Now I can't keep shoes or socks on her - she'll be 2 in a few weeks. Her feet are so pudgy we might as well buy the boxes for the shoes instead of the cute-y shoes they have out for little girls now. :-) have a wonderful week!!


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