Sunday, February 19, 2012

Planning a Playroom

You don't actually need space in order to plan a playroom, right?  Unfortunately I don't foresee a playroom in our near future.  I've asked my husband if we could maybe move our dining room set into the basement and replace the dining room with a play room...but that didn't go over so well.

It's okay to dream though.  Here are some amazing ideas I have found around the web.  I hope to incorporate a few of these ideas when I eventually get my kids their playroom!

These three I found over at Apartment Therapy.  I especially love the firestation/kitchen under the stairs!  So creative!  There is also nothing wrong with making an office into a playroom/office.  Nothing better than being able to have your little ones playing while you are getting to work...or playing yourself!

This amazing pirate playroom is from Luxury Property.  I don't think I will ever be having something like this...but again, it's okay to dream
This playroom from Elle Decor is just simply amazing.  I love the big ceilings, and the art on the wall.
And finally, via kids would LOVE  slide like this in their would provide endless hours of play!

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