Friday, February 19, 2010

"Tarnished Role Model" when do we move on?

I know many a man that look up to Tiger Woods.  There have been fans that have followed him since he himself was a young boy playing golf better than most golfers can play in their lives.  His god given talent is something that has bestowed on him a life that many of us have not imagined.  I couldn't begin to imagine the stressors in his life, both on himself, and on his family.

So, yes, I get why many criticize the role his mistakes have made.  He is for all purposes a role model.  But where does this cross the line.  I think it crossed the line a while ago.  Even celebrities who put themselves out there deserve the privacy that a marriage and family require.  I do not condone what Tiger Woods did.  I think it was disgusting and not anything a role model of any sorts would do.  But then again what makes Woods any different then any of us?  We all make mistakes but it is not a mistake that will be viewed by the entire world.  We are blessed for this.

Thousands sat around their tv's or the internet today awaiting a statement by Tiger Woods, myself included.  It is sort of a guilty pleasure for many to get involved in the lives of celebrities and the gossip that their lives bring.  But I think we as fans of these celebrities have to have the respect to back off and give these people the privacy and peace they deserve.  Woods has a wife and children that he already has to explain himself to.  I think we can all now rest and move on with the fact that this is a man who is sorry for his actions and truly realizes the effect that this has had on his family.

Let's hope that this statement will bring an end to the publicitiy behind Tiger Woods.  Let us support him now for who he is as a golfer and not a celebrity.

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