Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Polenta and Sausage Recipe

Ok, here is the recipe that Allison has requested. We had it last night and it was yummy! Unfortunately I didn't make it as good as my husband..

Sausage links (italian)
Beans (your choice)we like Kidney
1 large can tomatoes
Parmesan Cheese
Package of Polenta

Step One

Cook the bacon until it is fairly crispy, you are going to want to crumble it in the sauce. Put it aside

Step Two

Cook the sausage: I cooked it in the bacon grease, but it is up to preference. After it is cooked, put it aside.

Step Three

Wipe the pan with a paper towel after you are done with the sausage and bacon. Then you want to chop and put in the onions.
After they are slightly brown, put in the sauce.

Step Four

Add the bacon to the sauce. Let simmer for about a half an hour.

Step Five

Start the polenta. There will be directions on the package, but most brands you add six cups of water and SLOWLY add and stir the polenta into the boiling water. I say slowly because I didn't do this and I wish I did. You must stir the polenta frequently for about 30 minutes until it is very very thick. During this, put the sausage into the sauce, and the beans to allow the tastes to blend.

Step Six

Spoon Polenta into a medium baking dish, let cool for 10 minutes and then flip over onto a cutting board and cut.

Serve Sausage and sauce over polenta. You can also add butter and cheese to the polenta while stirring. Let me know how it turns out! Good Luck!

Here are some pictures: I didn't get a picture of the end result =(

The only way to get any cooking done is to feed the little man.


  1. Looks good! I'm adding it to my "to try list". Thanks.


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