Monday, February 15, 2010

Nap Time Cliques (The Two to One Transition)

So all this sleep talk got me thinking.  My child has been like clock work when it comes to naps.  He has done what all the sleep books have said as far as going from 4-3 and then 3-2 naps.  The inevitable is beginning to happen with his naps now at around 14 months, he is trying to get rid of one.  The problem is he doesn't quite know which one to get rid of.  Little does he know that his beloved morning nap will soon be going bye bye.  It is definitely bittersweet.  How I will miss the feeling at 6:30 am to only make it through a few short hours before I will get some peace and quiet.  The upside, I don't have to be pinned down twice a day.

What about our playgroups though?! (Notice how I say "our.)  It's almost like there are two where the toddlers are on one nap and one where they are on only one.  Right now, it's great, our friends know that we can get together for two hours in between naps, and it's nice because their little ones are on the same schedule.  But behold...what will happen now?  My son may just be sleeping during the beloved happy hours.  I assume we will make it work, or find other friends...hehe, just kidding!  I just sense a huge change coming, and I have to say, I am a little anxious.  My life has been ruled by these two naps for so long that I am a bit frightened of what my new days may be like.  For now, I will hang on as long as I can.


  1. Saying "Hi" from SITS!

    My 12-month-old's naps are few and far between. I have to struggle to cram every chore that I can get my hands on into them!

    Good luck with this transition!

  2. This is a challenging time too. What happened with both of my kids was a WAY early "afternoon" nap (like 11-1pm), that wasn't enough to get to bedtime. My Doctor called it, "doesn't need 2, but 1's not enough" syndrome. I found that I didn't want to go ANYWHERE after 9am either because of the chance of falling asleep in the car and ruining the whole schedule all day. Later afternoon stuff will work for a few months - like 2 or 3pm. You'll want that too to help break up the loooooong afternoons!

  3. My 2 year old lost her AM nap this Fall, but man oh man does she still need to rest. She can watch 1 hour of TV and snuggle. If she doesn't get that resting, she is CRANKY!!

  4. I have my son on one nap. Sometimes he fights it. He is 23 months. Stopping from SITS!


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