Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Seriousness of Girl Scout Cookies

So, I am not big on plagiarizing or not giving credit where credit is due, so I must give credit for today's post to my husband.  Although I have not asked his permission to use his words, I hope he will understand that they were just too funny to pass up on.

It's girl scout cookie time.  For the past five years we have had a great resource for girl scout cookies, and we have never missed the opportunity to get tons of boxes of cookies.  Every year we order less because we have learned that it will take us a whole year to eat them sometimes!  So this year we have only ordered 6 boxes.

Here is our count:

2 tag alongs
2 thin mints
1 samoa
1 do si do

Simple enough, right?
Not so much. What happens when those cookies come...what if I want a tag along, even though my husband was the one that ordered the tag alongs.  Or what if he wants one of my precious samoa's.  And now, we have a little one who might want some cookies!  This is serious business.  Well, don't worry, leave it to my husband...he's been thinking this all along.  This is an email I received yesterday regarding a cookie plan.
I think it's pretty fair don't you?

You get:

1 full box of do si do's
1 half box of samoa's
3/4 box of tagalongs
3/4 box of thinmights

I get:

1 and 1/4 boxes of Tagalongs
1 and 1/4 boxes of Thinmints
1 half box of samoas

= 3 boxes each.

Nick gets 10% of all boxes. Preferably he'd just eat his own cookies...

Well, at least that's settled =)


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  11. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. Those GS thin mints are addictive. When the girl scouts come to the door I try to order the ones I don't like, but I have to order a couple of the thin mints. Usually I don't get many though!

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