Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Where the Heart Is...

I am a Jersey Girl, born and raised.  All the stereo types may not be true (for me at least) but I do love New Jersey. The board walk, zeppoles,  the Garden State Parkway, and endless shoppin.  gAlthough, the last time I took a drive through NJ I almost had a panic attack because of the drivers...ok, I finally agree, they are crazy!  I used to be too...but I have to admit I have gotten better since my son was born, I am more like an old women now, you just wish I'd get out of your way.  I Digress.  I never thought that I could leave New Jersey.  When I graduated college my husband and I were dating and had decided that whereever I got into law school we would be moving.  I applied to two law schools in New Jersey and didn't get into either.  I think I almost died right there.  We were left with either Florida or Rhode Island.  I had never lived more then 30 minutes from home, so it was clear we'd be moving to Rhode Island.

It took a LONG time for me to get used to living this far from hom.  Not one year, not two years, but possibly three years.  It wasn't until I hit 6 months into my pregnancy, after we had left Rhode Island and moved to Connecticut that I finally felt comfortable being out of New Jersey.  Until then I had missed having the safety and security of knowing that my friends and family were a stone throw away.  I had a preconceived notion that if I were in my precious home state things would be different, I would be getting out more, I would be more "myself."  6 months pregnant and my mom had moved out of state, I still hadn't had many of our friends visit us, we were always the ones traveling, and it finally hit me that THIS was my home.  I was having a baby.  He would be my life.  And how true it is.

Now I sit here not knowing where my husband's job may take us next and I am okay with that.  Of course I have grown to love Connecticut and pray everyday my husband will get a full time offer, but you know what?  It won't be that bad.  I have dreams that if I do have to move, my dad and mom will eventually be there...or I will dangle their grandchildren in front of them until they give in.  But we will survive.

There will always be a part of my heart that lives in NJ though...


  1. It is hard moving, I know. Neither my husband or I have family here. But you do come to realize that home is where you your husband, child and pets laugh and play and live the day to day of life.

  2. I don't think I have ever heard "home is where the heart is" explained any better than this!


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