Saturday, February 20, 2010

My son and his green beans

I make my son some amazing meals.  This week, so far, I have tried French Toast with a smiley face with egg drizzled into the eyes and mouth, avocado and grilled cheese sandwhich, and homemade chicken nuggets.  Out of all of these Nicholas has touched one chicken nugget. ONE!  Everything else he merely looks at!  I don't get it.  They look AMAZING!  And you know what, I bet if he tasted it he would know how good they are!

Nope, he won't do it.  He only wants his green beans.  I am not joking, this kid can live on green beans.  That can't be normal!  GREEN BEANS!  Ok, he also loves bananas and cheese.  Can he live on these three things?  Sure.  But shouldn't toddlers at least also like cheerios?  I don't think I have known a child besides mine that hasn't liked cheerios!

Oh yeah, don't try getting anything by this kid either.  I tried replacing his overpriced Earth's Best cereal bar with an "adult" cereal bar that you can buy in bulk...FAILLL.  Won't even touch it.  Does it ever get easier?  Will he eat one day?  Or will I always endlessly struggle with his meals and try to please, always failing?
At least my dog likes all the leftovers.

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  1. my boys did that too. i love green beans so yay. hehe. what i did was i went to the mexican food isle in the food store and got a bag of pasta(the little shells so i dont have to cut up the pasta) then i would just cook it like i would pasta, drain it, and in a pot i would warm up some milk throw some cheese in the pot let it melt. then i would add the pasta and season like i wanted. then i would plate it and place some green beans(canned and warmed) on top of the pasta. they LOVE it. i make it like once a week and i never have left overs!!


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