Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

Let's examine my vacations in the past few years.  My husband and I got married almost three years ago.  We had the honeymoon of our dreams, right in St. Lucia, the location of the infamous Bachelor.  It was perfect and I would give many a thing to go back.  After that, I went to Florida with my husband and my parents.  It was beautiful and a great time away.  And last, but not least, 3 months before my son was born we went on a Babymoon.  We went to the beautiful island of Nantucket.  I couldn't have chosen a better way to spend four days.  We got fantastic weather while there was a noreastern where we currently live in New England.  We saw the most beautiful sunset that there could ever be on a beach with no one on it but ourselves. 

...that was over a year and a half ago.  We are dying here!  We need a vacation so desperately!  I am still undeicded if we would bring our son or not...I don't know if I can leave him for longer than a night yet, but just to get away is my dream.  Since my husband is not a permanent employee, and is a contractor, it has been harder to get away because we would have to pay for not only the trip, but lose that weeks income.  So...this Wednesday, I am wishing for a vacay.  Please, anyone?

our honeymoon spot

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  1. I take the girls to Florida every March by myself and leave Husband home to work (he's a CPA). Some years it's been AWESOME, some painful, depending on their ages. :)

    And the paci - the younger the better, seriously. They really do get over it quicker the younger they are.


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