Saturday, January 23, 2010

What did I do with myself before I had a child?

Have you ever asked yourself this before, if you have a child?  I bet you have.  It seems to be a common thing that parents say.  I, myself, have been saying it a lot lately...but it hasn't COMPLETELY hit me until today.

This morning I woke up early with my son and let my husband sleep in.  We each get one day a weekend to sleep in.  Get this, we sleep in until 8:30!  Sometimes we will cheat and wake up at 8 am so that we can lay in bed reading a book, or surfing the internet.  This has become what "rebelling"  is.  Well, anyway, I took care of Nick until my husband woke up.  During this time I got all his food ready for the day on the counter.  Cleaned a sippy cup, and mostly tried to straighten up the kitchen a little...all so that I knew things were mostly in order before I left for the night!  Yes! For the night.  I had a shower in New Jersey to go to and boy was I excited.  First, though, I had to stop and get milk and drop it back at home so that Nick doesn't go without his organic whole milk for a night.

Once this is all finished, I get on the road.  The day is going just as planned.  I decide to call my friend who I honestly had not spoken with in FOREVER.  We are talking and talking...when I realize, hey, I have NO CLUE where I am.  Yea, I missed my exit and thus have to go over the George Washington Bridge.  Not so bad when you are from New Jersey.  When you haven't lived their in over five years though, I finally get what people say when  NJ drivers are crazy!! It is NO joke.

I finally get to my destination 15 minutes after the bridal shower started, after changing and putting my makeup on in the car in a bank parking lot.  In the end it was great to see some old friends and catch up.  Once it was over I had the shocking realization that I had no child or husband to go home to.  I wouldn't be changing any diapers or giving any bottles tonight.  No baths, no putting my son to sleep, no night time stories...well, not in person at least.  Yes, that's right...I read both Goodnight Moon and the Very Hungry Caterpillar to my son, by heart, on speaker phone.  Sad, I know.  Mostly for my poor husband.

So the question is, seriously, what did we do before we had children?  It all seems so boring.  Maybe I can actually sleep a full 8 hours without going to put my son back to sleep...or maybe I will just lie awake contemplating how my life was so empty before he came along.


  1. Remember when we thought we were really busy studying for law school? Or maybe that was just me, because you probably were busy studying....

  2. ha ha! Yeah, I look back and think what a joke! I would think a 6 hour day of studying during finals was a long day...

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