Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tot Spring Style

I have compiled a list of some of, what I think are, the cutest spring tot outfits. A lot of stores have just put their new lines out, and some of them are plain adorable! I have included both more expensive store's outfits, as well as some that are a little more reasonable.

I couldn't believe while looking through the outfits how CUTE the little girl's clothes were. Spring is the best excuse to dress your little girl up. It's easter time, and the season is changing. The colors are bright, and the clothes are airy. The perfect reason to spend some money.


Gap has a new line called the Indigo Collection, I am a big fan. The colors are very bright, a lot of blue and green. I think even a little girl in these colors, with the right design, is adorable.
Right now, this rain jacket is on sale for 34.99, and the scarf is 4.99.

For the boys:

This simple green rugby shirt is great to layer, or just wear with jeans.


Golf is big with a lot of dads (my husband included) and bringing your son home wearing this, might not get you in as much trouble =)

The t-shirts are 15 each, and the shorts are 25...if you have gymbucks, you get a great sale.

I love these layers, you could wear it with or without the leggings.

Price tag: the top is 19.75, leggings 14.75, and the skirt is 26.75.

Janie and Jack:

These are by far my favorits, for both girl and boy...but unfortunately, also the most expensive. The girls outfit is perfect for easter. You can also wear the dress without the sweater in the summer.

I love the boys outfit because it's not too cutesy, the colors are great, and it can be worn through the summer.

The price tag: very hefty. The girls dress is 69.00, the cardigan is 42, and the hat...18.

For the boys: 52 for the windbreaker, 24 for the shirt, and 28 for the shorts

Enjoy shopping!

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  1. You are such a fashionista - LOVE janie & jack!


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