Saturday, January 30, 2010

My little boy grew overnight!

We woke up this morning and as usual I got Nick changed.  I put on one of my favorite bodysuits of his..and it doesn’t fit.  He has worn this thing TWICE.  It was even the next size up 18-24 months!  Well, this isn’t good considering I had a bunch of stuff loaded into my baby gap cart all in this size.  It is already a big enough problem that we have to get him new clothes right before the season changes…now I just have no idea what size to get him.
Who am I kidding…I am loving this.  That means I need to go shopping, and I should probably actually go to the store so I can see what I am getting, and how big the outfit looks.  So off I go.  I stopped at Kohl’s as recommended by a friend.  There were some great sales, but nothing that I liked that would have fit him.  My next stop was of course babygap.  I am lucky enough, or cursed enough, to have one right around the corner.  The clothes were just too cute to pass up there.  I bought him some shirts in size 18-24 months but not bodysuits.  He has this incredibly unproportionate body.  But still, oh so cute.
Here’s some of his new diggs:
babyblue This shirt is so amazingly soft.  I got it in baby blue.  I wanted one for myself.
mrcoool This shirt and the last one were 2/20.  I wasn’t so in love with it…but it was the best of the options, and Nick is Mr. Cool.
I am hoping that this gets us through until at least late march.  I have to at least be thankful that he is finally eating after his two month strike! 
Check in tomorrow for my meal plans for the week…I think that actually posting my plan will help me follow through and provide some home cooked meals for my boys. Also, take a look at my swagbucks link.  My nephew told me about it and I think it's great.  You earn "swagbucks" and then can cash them in for just about anything.  Have a good weekend!


  1. It's amazing at how fast they grow, isn't it? I feel like that with my daughter now. She is 16 months and growing like a weed!

    And thanks so much for the sweet words about Theta Mom! I love to "meet" new readers! I look forward to blogging with you!!! :)

  2. Visiting from SITS

    This is something that you will encounter from now until he reaches his adult size---somewhere (hopefully) around age 15.
    I have a 14 yo who has grown 2 ft and gained 60 pounds in the last 2 years alone. And he isn't done yet!
    At 5'8" and 145 pounds he is taller, stronger and more hormonal than me... and nothing, I mean nothing, ever fits for more than a few wearings. Did I mention he is wearing men's size 11 shoes???
    And the 11 yo? He's in a men's 9.5 shoe.
    Eating me out of house and home is their job, and now keeping them in clothes is keeping me in the poorhouse... add the 12 yo girl and WHAM! The running dialog here is
    "It doesn't fit anymore!"

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! I am liking this new SITS I love comments!! Theta: I look forward to reading more from you...and thanks Dawn for the post...although I can't say I am happy to hear this is a common fad, haha! I want to keep him tiny forever! I can't imagine a 14 yo!


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