Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Amazon Mom Savings

Whew!  After a much needed overnight away from my beloved kids I am finally back on my feet.  You heard it right, I was more tired spending a night away from them then I am waking up three times a night with the little guy, but more on that tomorrow.

I promised you that I would tell you of the amazing deals that I was racking up at Amazon and I am here to do so.  I heard from a few friends that Amazon Mom was worth looking into and  you could save serious money shopping their for diapers, wipes, and other things for your child.  I was hesitant since their was also mention of a prime membership.  I am here to tell you there really is no scam.  Here is how it works:

The key to understanding these deals is understanding the Subscribe and Save program.  You can sign up for Subscribe and Save for anything from diapers and wipes to laundry detergent.  Once you sign up, you will automatically begin receiving these items on a certain day every one, two, three, or six months (depending on what schedule you sign up for).  Just for doing this you will automatically receive 15 percent off and free two day shipping.  You can change your delivery schedule or cancel at anytime with no penalty.  Right after you place your order, you can just cancel your next scheduled delivery at no charge. When you sign up for Amazon Mom, you get a free 90 day subscription to Amazon Prime, which gives you free two day shipping.  You also will receive an additional month of Amazon Prime for every $25 you spend on “baby” products.  The $25 is BEFORE any discounts, including the Amazon Mom and Subscribe & Save discounts.  Amazon Prime will make you eligible for all the greatest sales and the free two day shipping.  Having both Amazon Prime and joining Subscribe and Save will automatically give you whatever you order under this program for 30 percent off.

A Huggies Snugglers 144 count for as little as 27.84!  Wait, it gets better...so much better.  If you subscribe to Baby Talk magazine (free), Parenting, The Early Years, and occasionally American Baby (also free), you will find either a 20 percent off Amazon diapers coupon or a 10 dollar off your Amazon Mom purchase which can apply to most purchases for your child.  Last week I bought a huge pack of pull ups for my son for 3 dollars! I also bought 2 packs of 216 count huggie wipes for 7 dollars.  That is what I usually pay for 1 216 count at Target, with coupons!

Some tips on using this:

-You can use more than one 20% off diaper coupon if the codes are different:  some codes start with a YT and some codes start with a YJ.  You can also use an additional 10 dollar coupon with the two 20 percent off coupons.  If you manage to pull this one off you are really getting your purchase for free!
-Look for Amazon coupons that you can clip for greater savings.
-Babies R Us, Baby Depot, and USA Baby usually carry American Baby and Baby Talk magazines.
-Sign up for Swag bucks where you can get gift cards to Amazon for even greater savings.

Happy Savings!!

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  1. I never heard of Amazon moms before. Meanwhile I shop there all the time. Shows how much attention I've been paying!


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