Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are you a Happy Mom?

Finding happiness sometimes can be just finding the little things in your life that bring you joy.  One of those things for me is waking up with my children, giving them something to do, grabbing my cup of coffee and popping on the Today Show.  This is something so simple but for me it is the 20 minutes of my day that I can count on.  Even today, my husband left early for a business trip and wasn't there to wake up and help with the kids.  I woke up though and started my morning the same as any other and I think we all felt solice in this.  My oldest son knows what to expect and it helped us all jump start our day.  I get that 20 minutes to think and do something for myself and my son gets 20 minutes to explore his world.

This morning on the Today show Meg Meeker was on.  I was very excited to see that they were going to be talking about Moms and being happy.  Whenever I see a headline based on moms this always spikes my interest, today especially.  I think as parents we are always striving to make others happy and we seldom take the time to develop our own happiness.  It is not usually something that happens on it's own.  Sure, we are all happy with our children, our beautiful family that we have made, but what do we have for ourselves.

Some of the things that Meg Meeker suggests are taking time to do something for yourself, pamper yourself.  Also, you don't have to feel the need to sign your child up for every little activity.  Sometimes, face time with your children is more important.  They, "just want to live life next to us."  I thought this was such a beautiful way to put it.  This can be hard to do, just slow down and take life day by day.  I think we all have something to learn on happiness and this was made more evident by the startling numbers that almost 50 percent of moms were not happy.  We all know that our happiness can be noticed and soaked up by our children, so if not for ourselves, this is just another reason to strive for happiness.  I plan on picking this book up and continuing on my journey to being a better mom by hopefully learning to enjoy my own things a little more each day.

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