Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two under Two...or worse??

This post could mean a lot of things.  When getting ready for little guy number 2, I did a lot of research on things.  Double strollers, activities to keep the bigger dude busy while nursing, ways to keep my sanity, etc.  Never did I realize though, that once Little Man 1 stepped over the hurdle into the actual two's, things would get a lot crazier.  Granted I have only been a mom to two little ones for a little over two months, but I have to tell you...I think just having my one little two year old would have set me over the edge.  I don't know if it is the fact that he has a cold, or is getting his last molar in...but he has reached a new level of manic.

These past two months have been a whirlwind.  It started out with a bit of euphoria in the hospital.  I couldn't wait to get home to the little man and have him interact with his little brother.  Breastfeeding was going much better this time around and this baby seemed to be a lot more laid back.  This lasted for all of a day of being home.  Baby blues quickly kicked in.  Wow, did this bring back memories.  I thought for sure since my second pregnancy was so much more relaxed that I would skip these terrible blues.  That wasn't the case.  I was ready to leave my whole family behind and go away to the Bahamas.  As everyone assured though, this phase ended within a couple of weeks.  There was a good month there where I thought I could really get the hang of this thing.  Well, I guess it was just another stage.

Maybe it is the holiday stress that has jump started my anxieties, or the constant feeling of being tugged in two directions...whatever it is though, I need it to go away now!  At my 6 week checkup (which I didn't actually get to until last week) there was a concern about postpartum depression.  I am being very vigilant with keeping an eye on myself.  I have started trying to exercise again, taking all my vitamins, and just being more insightful into my moods.  Sometimes I just feel like I can't get through another day and the quickest way out of here would be to return to work.  Well, I guess that would not be too easy, now would it? lol.  Anyway, I am hoping this is just another stage in my journey and that I can return to some normalcy soon!  I am glad that I have an outlet though, all of you, to bounce my feelings off of and join on the journey with me.  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!


  1. Mine are 16 mo apart... have totally been there. I think it is the lack of sleep and the energy you have to try to exert during the awake hours is what gets you.

    ((hugs)) hang in there. Mine are now 4 and 5 and it is great!

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I know it will be worth it, just taking some time to adjust!


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